Prince Harry’s ‘brotherly love’ with longtime friend at polo match delights Sussex fans

The Duke of Sussex competed in a charity polo game alongside his loyal friend, Ignacio 'Nacho' Figueras, in Colorado on Thursday

Prince Harry’s ‘brotherly love’ at polo match delights Sussex fans
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Prince Harry was all smiles on Thursday as he celebrated his polo match victory in Colorado with his 'brother' and longtime friend, Ignacio 'Nacho' Figueras.

Prince Harry enjoyed a 'heartwarming' reunion with his Argentine 'brother' at a charity polo match on Thursday, much to the delight of Sussex fans. 

The Duke of Sussex traveled to Aspen, Colorado yesterday to compete in the Sentebale Polo Cup, taking a private flight from his $14 million Santa Barbara mansion in Montecito for the whirlwind one-day-long tournament. 

The annual event, which first took place in Barbados in 2010, raises money for Sentebale, an organization the 37-year-old founded in 2006 to support young people in southern Africa affected by HIV/AIDS. 

The exciting visit comes just a few days after Prince Harry's surprise trip to Africa, where he visited Mozambique and Rwanda in his role as President of African Parks. 


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Now back in the US, it seems that the jetlag from his transatlantic trips has done little to dampen the duke's game face. Prince Harry's team, also named Sentebale, emerged from the equestrian match triumphantly, landing a 3-2 result against their opponents, Royal Salute. The duke looked jubilant as he posed for photos after the win, with him and his teammates smiling broadly and raising their impressively large trophy for the cameras. 


Nacho holds the winning trophy alongside Prince Harry 

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It wasn't just the victory high that had Prince Harry in such a good mood though. 

He was also joined by Ignacio 'Nacho' Figueras, a longtime friend and world-renowned polo player, at the philanthropic event. Sometimes called the 'David Beckham of polo', the 45-year-old is widely regarded as the best polo player in the world. He has also been close with the duke since 2007, serving as a Sentebale ambassador and playing polo alongside the royal at various events over the past couple of decades. 

Photos and clips of Harry and Nacho embracing at the polo match, which marks their first reunion since June, have since circulated on social media. 

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Speaking to the press at Thursday's polo match, Nacho said, "I have known him, Prince Harry, for so long and he has always wanted someone to love and marry and have a family with." The former model added that it "makes me so happy to see them [Harry and Meghan] happy and with two beautiful children." 

Fans have been quick to gush over the two men's close relationship, with some even referring to Nacho as Harry's 'brother'. While the pair aren't related by blood, the duke has technically seen his Argentine friend more than his biological brother, Prince William, since he moved to North America with his wife, Meghan Markle, in January 2020. 

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Speaking to People magazine in 2016, Nacho praised Harry's balance of business and pleasure. 

“Not only is he competitive and energetic when he plays polo, but he is a fun person to be around in general. It is wonderful to see him.”

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