Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis use these 'normal names' at school

The Cambridge children reportedly use these 'normal names' at school to ditch their royal titles and blend in with their classmates

Cambridge children use 'normal names' at school
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It has been reported that the Cambridge children use these 'normal names' at school that helps them to blend in with their classmates and ditch the formality of royal titles.

When the Queen's great-grandchildren are attending royal events, they will use their royal title and expect to be addressed formally. However, it has been revealed that the royal children have less formal titles they use when they are at school.

Instead of being called Princess Charlotte or Prince George, the royal children use their parent's title as a surname. As the children of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, this means the children are referred to as Charlotte Cambridge, George Cambridge, and Louis Cambridge. 


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This is a tradition that has been followed for many years by the Royal Family. When Prince William and Prince Harry were at school they were known as William Wales and Harry Wales. This is because their father, Prince Charles, has the title 'Prince of Wales' which means that his children can use this title as a surname. 

'Will Wales' is Prince William's fake name he used when he met Kate Middleton as he used this name to try and remain incognito when he first joined St Andrews University. There is also an incognito name Kate Middleton uses to fly under the radar as the Duchess once called herself 'Mrs. Cambridge' in order to keep a low profile


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While the Cambridge children may use 'normal names' at school, the children also have some more names they go by at home. Prince William's adorable nickname for Princess Charlotte has an international twist as he calls her 'mignonette' a french word that means 'small and delicate.' She is also often referred to as 'Lottie' by her mother Kate Middleton.

Royal Family nicknames are common among the close family and many members have sweet names that they use privately. Duchess Camilla’s regal nickname from Prince George, Charlotte, and Louis is reportedly Gaga, and Princess Diana's adorable nickname for Prince William was Wombat. 

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