Prince George and Princess Charlotte's inventive school lunch menu has been revealed

Prince George and Princess Charlotte's school lunches are freshly prepared daily by a team of committed chefs

Prince George and Princess Charlotte's inventive school lunch menu have been revealed
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It's goodbye palace dining, and hello canteen buffet for Prince George and Princess Charlotte—school lunches are officially back on the menu. 

It's Back to School for Prince George and Princess Charlotte this week, and that means a brand new term of rigorous lessons, off-site trips, and of course—canteen lunches. 

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s eldest two children attend the prestigious Thomas’s Battersea in South West London, a private preparatory school located 20 minutes away from their home of Kensington Palace. At £24,000 a year, this elite institution promises pupils a top-quality education, as well as access to world-class facilities and a network of high-flying peers. The curriculum is jam-packed and academic expectations are high, with alumni often going on to pursue high-flying careers and achieve major success in later life. 

Presentation is also a big deal at Thomas’s, with Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s private school uniform rules strictly enforced. Royal or not, all children are required to follow a mandatory dress code—and no, tiaras cannot be worn as accessories. 


Thomas's Battersea

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With so much pressure on students to excel, it’s crucial that they keep their energy up with nutritious meals. Thomas’s Battersea ensures its children are well fed by providing freshly-made lunches every day—a luxury many kids across the country do not have access to. George and Charlotte can look forward to a delicious menu of inventive dishes, where everything from pepper-crusted salmon with garlic chickpeas to lentil soup with a side of Pizza Express-inspired dough balls will be up for grabs. 


Lentil soup is on the lunch menu at Prince George and Princess Charlotte's school 

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With vegetarian and vegan diets becoming increasingly popular in recent years, children are also be offered a selection of plant-based options. Thomas’s takes food requirements and intolerances very seriously, enlisting a team of dedicated chefs to ensure all dietary needs—from dairy-free to Kosher—are met. Governmental guidelines on healthy eating are also followed, with sugar and salt kept to a minimum. 


Plant-based options are available at Thomas's Battersea 

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While that all might sound a bit fussy for the average kid, the royal children are actually quite sophisticated when it comes to their food. Princess Charlotte’s favorite snack was recently revealed to be a Mediterranean fruit, while Kate has admitted that Prince Louis can’t get enough beetroot. George, on the other hand, has slightly simpler tastes—opting for cheesy pasta as his go-to dish when he’s in the mood for a treat. Now that’s more like it.

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