Prince George and Princess Charlotte praised for 'evident understanding of their royal duties' following Queen Elizabeth's funeral

The young royals have been praised for their behaviour at the Queen's state funeral on Monday

Prince George and Princess Charlotte
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Prince George and Princess Charlotte have been praised for their impeccable behaviour at the Queen's state funeral on Monday, and child behavioural experts have revealed what it means about their understanding of their royal roles.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte only decided to attend the late Queen Elizabeth's funeral the day before, with Princess Catherine leaving the choice down to them.

But despite their young ages, the children showed great maturity on such an emotional day and a child behavioural expert has revealed what this means for their future royal duties.

Gemma Arnold, of ToddlersTeensandBetween, said, "The children knew the public would be watching and that they would be expected to behave a certain way and it was clear that their parents have educated them on those elements.

"Princess George and Princess Charlotte clearly have an understanding that, at the Queen’s funeral and their future life of duty, there exists something greater than them and that there is an appropriate way of behaving."

She added, "Kate and William will have prepped them for this huge sad experience and also discussed that it’s acceptable and and allowed to show emotion."

And Sophia Ziff, a child behavioural specialist, spoke of the sweet moment Charlotte appeared to guide her older brother, showing her sound knowledge and understanding of royal protocol.

Sophia Ziff said, "A touching sibling moment we spotted was when Charlotte reminded her older brother George to bow as the coffin went past - she is clearly a supportive sister who remembers the discussion about protocol.

"This first public and collective royal loss post-Covid restrictions was a big moment for the children and clearly a private choice for Kate and William to allow them to join, and clearly demonstrates open and honest communication about all the facts life holds and that they are communicative as a family."

The behaviour of the royal children was especially impressive, considering the relationship they shared with their late great-grandmother. It's believed that Princess Charlotte was particularly close to her beloved 'gan-gan,' which was reflected in a very personal element of the outfit she wore on the solemn day - an adorable brooch attached to her black coat.

The Prince and Princess of Wales must be so proud.

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