Prince Charles fears Prince Harry’s memoir will cause ‘reputational damage’ to Camilla

Prince Charles has reportedly reached out to Prince Harry ahead of the book's release

Prince Charles fears Prince Harry’s memoir impact on Camilla
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Prince Charles has reportedly extended an olive branch to Prince Harry, amid fears that his forthcoming memoir could include unflattering details about Duchess Camilla. 

  • Prince Charles has extended an olive branch to Prince Harry amid fears over potential claims about Duchess Camilla in the royal's forthcoming memoir. 
  • The Duke of Sussex is set to release a candid book in late 2022, in which he promises to share the "experiences, adventures, losses, and life lessons that have helped shape him" into the man he is today. 
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The Prince of Wales has reportedly reached out to the Duke of Sussex to offer an olive branch, amid concerns over his youngest son's upcoming book. 

It was announced last summer that Prince Harry is to release a royal memoir in late 2022, in which he will share the "experiences, adventures, losses, and life lessons that have helped shape him" over the course of his 37 years. 

"I’m writing this not as the prince I was born but as the man I have become," Harry said in a statement on the couple's Archwell website, adding that he is "excited for people to read firsthand account of my life that’s accurate and wholly truthful." 

However, it seems not everyone in the Royal Family shares the Duke's enthusiasm for the highly-anticipated book. It's understood that Prince Charles, in particular, is extremely worried about the revelations to come in his son's first memoir—and is now determined to soften the potential blow. 

Prince Charles

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The future King has reportedly invited Prince Harry to stay with him in the UK for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, in the hope of finally healing the alleged rift between the iconic pair. 

The Duke has been on frosty terms with Charles ever since he withdrew as a senior royal and emigrated to the US with his wife, Meghan Markle, in January 2020. This bombshell departure has only been exacerbated by the couple's allegations of racism against Buckingham Palace, as well as their claims that the Firm cut off their security after moving to California. 


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Prince Charles is now on a mission to make amends with Harry, especially ahead of the publication of his memoir. The 73-year-old reportedly fears that the Duke will negatively describe Camilla Parker Bowles, in the book, and is now desperate to prevent any 'reputational damage' to his wife. 

Charles tied the knot with the Duchess of Cornwall in 2005, 13 years after the tragic death of his ex-wife, Princess Diana. It's no secret, however, that the Prince of Wales had been entangled in a complicated affair with Camilla throughout his marriage to the late Lady Di. 

"Harry is fiercely loyal and protective of his late mother and her legacy, and didn’t approve of Camilla sweeping in as the great love of his father’s life," a source told the Daily Mail. "Understandably he found those early years incredibly difficult, and he might publicly blame Camilla for much of what he believes went wrong in his childhood, and the trauma the whole situation caused." 

Prince Charles, however, is not prepared to allow his son to blast his mother-in-law.

“Charles is deeply protective of Camilla," the source went on. "The last thing he needs—especially in a year of celebration that should be all about the Queen—is an excoriating takedown of Camilla at a time when people have finally taken her to their hearts.” 

Prince Charles is also reportedly worried that the Duke of Sussex won't return to Britain for the Queen's Jubilee this June because of security concerns. 

It's understood that Prince Harry fears he's 'not safe' in the UK because of an 'inherited risk' and has now taken legal action against the Home Office to allow him to pay Scotland Yard for police protection. If the Duke refuses to come home over this spat, Charles and the Queen will miss a golden opportunity to meet his 1-year-old daughter, Lilibet Diana, in person for the first time. 

"The prince absolutely adores Harry. He will feel absolutely devastated by this; distraught," a royal aide told the Telegraph's Camilla Tominey. 

"He’ll be beside himself if this means he also becomes more ostracised from his grandchildren. It’s such a sad state of affairs."

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