The hidden significance behind Meghan’s outfit on visit to Dubbo in Australia

Another day meant another engagement for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, as they continue with their royal tour of Australia.

This time, the Duke and Duchess headed to Dubbo, a small city in New South Wales, five hours outside of Sydney where the royal couple are staying.

The area is currently in the midst of a severe drought, and the royal couple were keen to show their support for the city and the people who live there.

But Meghan didn’t stop there when it came to shining a light on important causes. The Duchess looked as chic as ever as she stepped off the plane to begin her day of engagements, and once again won over the world with her choice of outfit.

She opted for a somewhat more casual look, choosing a white Maison Kitsune shirt, jeans, a chic chequered blazer and a pair of simple black suede J Crew boots.

Meghan Markle outfit

And it was the jeans that appear to have gathered the most attention – given that the company who make them are supporting some important philanthropic causes close to Meghan’s heart.

The stylish, dark, high-waist jeans were designed by Outland Denim, a sustainable Australian brand who actually employ women who had previously been at risk of falling victim to human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

The brand’s founder James Bartle had the idea to hire women who had been rescued from the trafficking trade, and guarantee a future career path for them by creating the ‘Denim Project’, which would allow them to put their sewing skills to use making jeans.

Outland Denim primarily makes their garments in Cambodia, where employees are offered a proper wage and training, and is also committed to sourcing ethical and environmental materials to make their products.

Meghan Markle outfit

It seems clear that Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, was keen to shine a light on the good work the company are doing – and subtly lent her support to initiatives that help vulnerable women, a cause we know is close to her heart.

And given the undeniable Meghan-effect, meaning everything she wears sells out, it also appears likely that the company will benefit from the exposure – perhaps allowing them to hire even more women in danger of being trafficked. She’s certainly putting her influence to good use!

But that wasn’t the only sweet show of support Meghan made via her outfit in Dubbo a few hours ago. The Duchess’ blazer was actually an adorable nod to one of her closest friends, Serena Williams – as it is from the tennis player’s new clothing line, Collection.

Meghan Markle outfit

Ever since arriving in Aus, Meghan has been keen to showcase Australian brands – and in Dubbo, also wore jewellery by the country’s native designer Natalie Martin.

It looks as though Meghan has got royal tour dressing down pat!

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