King Charles's sweet question about Queen Camilla shows he's always thinking of his wife

King Charles's sweet question about Queen Camilla has been revealed - and it really shows the King's deep love for his wife

King Charles's sweet question
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In a recent interview, a celebrity has revealed the sweet question King Charles asked them about his wife Camilla.

King Charles’ Coronation Concert was a spectacular event during the Coronation weekend and fans loved to see the royals letting their hair down and dancing to Take That and Katy Perry.

One of the acts was Lionel Richie, who actually managed to convince the King and Queen to make a cameo appearance on American Idol. While their appearance may be old news, Lionel has just revealed King Charles's sweet question about his wife when he was asked by the singer to make the appearance. 

Lionel Richie

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In an interview with Extra, Lionel Richie revealed that the King was willing to appear on American Idol - but only if his wife would be allowed to accompany him. 

Lionel revealed, "I think the highlight was for me, that I actually walked up to the King the day after the coronation and said, 'Would you like to be on American Idol?' And he said, 'Yeah.' And the second thing that was the highlight was, 'Is it alright if I bring the Queen?' Yeah!"

This sweet question from the King shows his love for Camilla and his wish for the pair to be seen as a united front and head of the Royal Family - together. To appear as a couple on television following the Coronation was a reminder that the day was a celebration for both royals.

Fans loved this appearance and many complimented the down-to-earth royal couple. "This was the best surprise!! It actually was a great PR stunt on behalf of the Royals. Made them reachable and real. Good job whoever was in charge!" said one commenter. "What king and queen would have done that years ago …. None, good on them !!" said another.

Later in the interview, the singer also revealed King Charles's sense of humor. "I've known him the King for quite a long time. He does have this amazing sense of humor that no one knows about. He's a secret comedian, I'll put that out there. But him to actually take the step and go out of the comfort zone, which is actually his comfort zone, he was hammin' it up, but when he said yes I knew we were off to the races!" said Lionel.

The star concluded that the King and Queen were an amazing couple and he felt their appearance on American Idol, only encouraged the support they have in the US. "He is, they are, an amazing couple, and on top of that they have so much good they are putting out in the world with the Prince's Trust - over a million kids are being helped by his trust - and it's just amazing to get them out in Middle America for a minute to meet them," said the singer.

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