King Charles set to sit down for 'tell-all' TV interview ahead of coronation

King Charles is set to open up in a BBC interview ahead of his coronation ceremony

King Charles
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King Charles has allegedly agreed to take part in 'tell-all' TV interview with the BBC, in which he could address Prince Harry's bombshell book claims, a royal expert claims.

King Charles III has allegedly agreed to take part in a 'tell-all' TV interview set to be aired on BBC ahead of his coronation ceremony on 6 May.

Royal commentator, author and Princess Diana's confidante, Stewart Pearce, has made the claims in an exclusive interview at a British American Business Council event in California.

During a promotional tour for his book Diana: The Voice Of Change, Stewart revealed how it will possibly be Charles' friend and broadcaster Jonathan Dimbleby posing the questions for the BBC special - the man who conducted Charles' 1994 ITV interview Charles: The Private Man, the Public Role in which he admitted adultery with Camilla Parker-Bowles.

When Dimbleby asked if he had been faithful to Princess Diana, Charles responded that he had "until" the marriage "became irretrievably broken down".

King Charles

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Stewart said, "I believe strongly, that Charles will grant another interview to the BBC, possibly with somebody like Jonathan Dimbleby, whom he trusts and likes."

He added how Charles has been followed around by cameras for a year, resulting in 180 hours of footage in preparation of the programme.

It's expected that the King will be asked about some of the bombshell claims made in son Harry's memoir, Spare, as well as his plans for the monarchy's future.

Despite King Charles interview with Dimbleby taking place 30 years ago, the pair are said to have remained close friends, with their connection remaining "strong".

Stewart added, “After all, 30 years ago the documentary was released, which was a very profound conversation between Prince Charles, as he was then, and Dimbleby."

King Charles

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Talking about the King's plans for the future of the monarch, Stewart said, "Yes absolutely. It is a manifesto to allow the alacrity, ease, transparency and wonder of sustainable monarchy in today’s temperament. This is extraordinary, this époque making event of King Charles’ coronation."

He added, "One of the major constituent parts of this will be creating change through compassion, parity, diversity and absolute transparency. In other words Charles is a future facing monarch."

King Charles' coronation ceremony will take place on 6 May at Westminster Abbey. The UK will enjoy an extra bank holiday on Monday 8 May to celebrate the coronation.

Buckingham Palace has said that although the coronation will be "rooted in long-standing traditions", it will also "reflect the monarch's role today and look towards the future." Therefore, it is likely to be shorter and smaller in scale than Queen Elizabeth II's 1953 coronation.

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