King Charles' impressive talent he inherited from Prince Philip to be showcases at Sandringham exhibition

King Charles' impressive talent is set to be showcased in a new exhibition at Sandringham House - and it will be open to the public!

King Charles' impressive talent is set to be showcased in a new exhibition at Sandringham House - and it will be open to the public!
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King Charles' impressive talent that he inherited from his father, the Duke of Edinburgh, is set to be exhibited in a new and exciting royal show.

A post from Sandringham House's social media has revealed that watercolor paintings made by King Charles are set to go on display at the Norfolk royal residence. "This year a collection of watercolors painted by His Majesty The King will go on display from April - October inside Sandringham House in the Ballroom," read the caption.

It is thought that there will be more than 40 watercolor paintings by the King, many of which depict stunning landscapes across Britain, and depictions of royal residences. The image to highlight the new exhibition was a watercolor landscape of
Sandringham House, which was painted by The King ( who was the Prince of Wales at the time) in 1991. 

This is a talent that the Prince actually inherited from his father, the Duke of Edinburgh. In his lifetime, Prince Philip was known to be an avid painter who also enjoyed painting with watercolors like his son.

According to the Royal Collection Trust, which has some of Prince Philip's paintings in its collection, "Prince Philip [was] interested in art and design, both as a patron and collector, and as an artist himself. He painted mostly landscapes in oils."

The late Prince's art has also been displayed in a royal household before. The exhibition; Prince Philip: Celebrating Ninety Years, ran from 2011 to 2012, and among other things, the exhibition featured some of the Duke's paintings and sketches. 

Prince Philip

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This upcoming exhibition showcasing King Charles' art will highlight the skills he inherited from his father and will allow royal fans to get a closer look at the King's impressive hobby that he nurtured throughout his life.

This isn't the first time that the King's paintings have been available to the public either. In 1977, Charles' paintings were first exhibited in Windsor Castle alongside his father's artwork and paintings created by Queen Victoria, a distant relative who was also an avid painter and used the medium of watercolors.

Prince Charles

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The Guardian has previously reported that the Prince refers to himself as an 'enthusiastic amateur,' but they also reported that, 'A report in 2016 showed he had sold copies of his watercolor paintings worth £2 million since 1997' - which isn't very amateurish!

His Majesty The King previously wrote in 1991 for the book, HRH The Prince of Wales Watercolours, “I took up painting entirely because I found photography less than satisfying. Quite simply, I experienced an overwhelming urge to express what I saw through the medium of watercolour and to convey that almost ‘inner’ sense of texture which is impossible to achieve via photography…"

The exhibition showcasing the King's watercolors will be on display in the Ballroom at Sandringham House from 1 April – 12 October. The exhibition is included with a House & Gardens ticket.

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