King Charles and Queen Camilla pay tribute to two very special people – and fans cannot believe the mind-blowing connection to another former monarch

The King and Queen have taken time to celebrate two people who have hit quite the milestone

King Charles and Queen Camilla pay tribute to the two oldest citizens in Britain
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King Charles and Queen Camilla have celebrated two very special people in Britain – the current oldest citizens as they celebrate another birthday. John, who is 111 and Ethel, aged 114 – were lucky recipients of a personal delivery from the King and Queen’s teams. While that’s certainly memorable in itself, fans can’t quite believe a fact about the occasion which connects the citizens to some monarchs who came before Charles.

King Charles and Queen Camilla might be enjoying their summer holiday in Balmoral – while also preparing for a sad anniversary as it’s nearly a year since the late Queen Elizabeth died – but they’ve still found the time to celebrate two special British citizens.

A man named John and a woman named Ethel are thought to be the oldest citizens currently alive in Britain – aged 111 and 114 respectively.

The pair have been spotlighted in a social media post shared on the official Royal Family account.

The caption read, “Every year, The King and Queen send around 10,000 congratulatory birthday cards to British citizens aged 100 and over. This August, the country’s oldest man and woman - John, aged 111 and Ethel, aged 114 - celebrated their birthdays with a very special delivery from Their Majesties.”

In the video, both John and Ethel are surrounded by friends and family as they are presented with a special card from the King and Queen.

Ethel’s message reads, “My wife and I are so pleased to know that you are celebrating your one hundred and fourteenth birthday on 21st August 2023. This brings our warmest congratulations and heartfelt good wishes on such a special occasion.”

Fans got a glimpse of the birthday cards King Charles has started sending out for special milestones

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The eldest son of Queen Victoria, Edward was father to George V (King Charles’ great-grandfather).

The card is signed by the King and Queen, using their regal insignias of Charles R and Camilla R.

There are many details to love about the heartwarming video, such as the abundance of cards sent by the late Queen Elizabeth. But one fan’s comment truly blew our minds.

“Ethel [114] is the last living subject of Edward VII living in the United Kingdom today!”

One of the birthday recipients is the last living citizen who was alive during the Edwardian era

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This means, born in 1909, Ethel has lived through the following monarchs:

  • King Edward VII (died 1910)
  • King George V (died 1936)
  • King Edward VIII (abdicated 1936, died 1972)
  • King George VI (died 1952)
  • Queen Elizabeth II (died 2022)
  • King Charles III (current).

It’s not uncommon for a monarch to send out cards commemorating special moments. The official website explains that cards are sent to those celebrating their 100th and 105th birthday and every year thereafter, and to those celebrating their diamond wedding (60th), 65th, 70th wedding anniversaries and every year thereafter.

The tradition of sending a message of congratulations to those celebrating their 100th birthday and 60th wedding anniversaries began with King George V.

A message from 1917 reads, “His Majesty's hope that the blessings of good health and prosperity may attend you during the remainder of your days.”

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