Kate Middleton's mountain biking action shots might be the best thing we've seen today - and she even looks fab in a helmet!

Kate Middleton's sporty side was on full display as the royal got stuck into a mountain biking challenge at a recent engagement

Kate Middleton's sporty side
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Kate Middleton's sporty side was on full display yesterday as the Princess took part in a bike skills obstacle course - and the photos are simply priceless!

On November 2nd, 2023, the Prince and Princess of Wales stepped out in Scotland to learn about how organisations in Moray are supporting the wellbeing of its young people. The couple met with the charity Outfit Moray, and SAYFC Young Farmers and learned how these organisations bring communities in rural areas together. 

For this event, Kate Middleton wore a statement tartan number and the flared jeans of dreams as she got stuck into the event. Her elegant look didn't stop her from getting involved as she threw a helmet onto her perfectly pristine locks and took part in the mountain bike course that had been set up for the day.

The Princess looked animated as she took part in the course and concentrated on perfecting the bends and turns as she rode her bike in front of a large crowd. The Princess still managed to look polished in her fabulous look that picked up on some of the major autumn/winter fashion trends of 2023.

Kate middleton

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Despite wearing a helmet and being in real danger of hat hair, the Princess looked elegant both on and off the bike - and even in the helmet! Kate Middleton's sporty side was truly on full display as she took on the biking challenges without breaking a sweat and seemed to be at home in this sporty atmosphere.

Although it's unclear if biking is one of Kate Middleton's hobbies, it has been established over many years that the Princess is pretty sporty and enjoys tennis, rugby, and a whole host of other active pursuits.

Kate Middleton

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The event took place at Burghead Primary School and many children also took part in the bike skills obstacle course and the Bikability session. 

During one sweet interaction, the Princess chatted to a young boy who had fallen off of his bike. The Princess of Wales' maternal instincts kicked in as she knelt to the ground to chat to the little boy and tell him that falling off was all 'part of learning'. 

She put her arm around him and asked, "Are you ok? You are so brave." She then encouraged him to 'give it another go' and get back on his bike to try again - sweet!

kate Middleton

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Speaking about the importance of the engagement, Outfit Moray's CEO, Tony Brown said, "It was absolutely fantastic to have such a high-profile Royal visit, particularly in our 20th anniversary year and it was great to have so many young people involved as well."

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