Kate Middleton's adorably cozy childhood bedroom she could hardly stand up in

Kate Middleton's childhood bedroom was a cozy attic nook with sloped ceilings

Kate Middleton's childhood bedroom - Kate Middleton's childhood bedroom was reportedly so small that she couldn't actually stand up straight inside this attic room
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It has been reported that Kate Middleton's childhood bedroom was part of an attic conversion and was so small that the Princess could barely stand up straight in certain parts, thanks to the room's sloped ceilings. 

Once upon a time, the Princess of Wales was simply Kate Middleton from Berkshire who lived with her parents in a quaint home in Bradfield. Reportedly, Catherine's parents Michael and Carole bought a property in 1979 called West View in Bradfield Southend for £34,700. The family lived in this home for many years and sold the house for £158,000, through local estate agent Dudley Singleton in 1995.

The Daily Mail reported, "Kate's first bedroom was in a tiny attic space which an adult would have to bend down in." 

Of course, this was only suitable for the youngster for a few years, and before long Catherine moved into a larger room that allowed her to have a double bed, plus space for a desk.

The estate agent who helped the Middletons sell this property spoke to the Mail and explained that there were two bedrooms on the first floor, and the larger of the two was ultimately given to Kate. Mr. Singleton said, "the bigger one was Kate's' and the smaller one at the front was Carole and Mike's." The agent then theorized, "Maybe they had a premonition she would get somewhere in life?"

Kate Middleton's childhood bedroom - Carole and Michael Middleton

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The Middleton's later moved to Oak Acre in Bucklebury where they raised their children, Kate, Pippa and James, until 2012. The reason Carole and Michael Middleton had to sell their £1.3 million village home and move to Bucklebury Manor - where they still live - is rather bittersweet and involves their daughter Catherine.

Reportedly, as Catherine married into the Royal Family and became a well-known figure, her parents felt that they needed more privacy, and their home at the time did not allow them to escape from the eyes of the public. They decided to sell Oak Acre and move to a larger property, which is where they still live.

Kate Middleton's childhood bedroom

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Since marrying into the Royal Family, Catherine has primarily spent her time living in the London-based royal residence, Kensington Palace, and Anmer Hall in Norfolk. However, in the summer of 2022, Catherine and William made the decision to uproot their family and move to Adelaide Cottage near Windsor Castle. 

The couple has placed their three children at a progressive local school and can now give their children more time with their maternal grandparents, as they live in the same county, making it easier to have frequent visits.

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