Kate Middleton shows 'another side to her entirely' in unearthed video

Kate Middleton showed 'another side to her entirely' in an adorable video that has resurfaced on TikTok

Kate Middleton showed 'another side to her entirely' in an adorable video that has only just resurfaced
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Kate Middleton showed 'another side to her entirely' in an adorable video that has only just resurfaced on social media.

Princess Catherine is a confident member of the Royal Family who has shown time and time again that she is an adept public speaker and confident on a stage, but we didn't realise that the Princess may have picked up this confidence on stage long before she became a member of the Royal Family.

The Princess may have actually honed this skill when she was just 11 years old and taking part in a school play - as the lead character! In 1993 when it is believed that she was still a student at St Andrew's in Berkshire, Catherine starred at Eliza Doolittle in her school's production of My Fair Lady.

The video of Catherine showed the youngster singing her heart out to Wouldn't It be Loverly - cockney accent and all - while wrapped in a shawl, basket in hand, and iconic high-neck white shirt in place. The video showed a completely different side to the Princess and showed off her remarkable acting and singing chops.


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Fans adored seeing this side to the polished Princess and many commented on this TikTok video with their praise. "Bless her. Can you imagine if that age Catherine knew how many people would see this one day? I bet she would melt to the floor. 😂 It's so cute!" said one commenter. "This is great it shows another side to her entirely! 🥰," said another.

"OMG how gorgeous is that. What an asset to the Royal Family. There isn’t anything that this young lady can’t do!!! Congratulations!!!" added one commenter. "Our very beautiful and classy future Queen. Just love her ❤️," said another. "Cute as a button Kate!" commented a third.

In recent years, the Princess has been more keen to show off her talents and has even performed for an audience on a few occasions. In December 2021, the Princess played the song For Those Who Can't Be Here on the piano while Tom Walker accompanied with vocals for the Christmas Carol Concert in Westminster Abbey. 

Following this performance, the Princess revealed she's much more comfortable playing the piano than singing. Hello reported that the Princess said, "On the piano, you can slightly hide away a bit more than you can do singing." She then joked about her singing talent, "Actually my children probably wouldn’t forgive me – I’m not sure whether they think I’ve got a particularly good singing voice. I’ll have to have some lessons."

The Princess has since gone on to perform the piano at the Eurovision Grand Finale in support of the Kalush Orchestra from Ukraine. This surprise appearance delighted fans with some claiming, ‘This Queen can do everything',

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