Kate Middleton makes rogue incognito appearance at music festival

The Princess of Wales surprised fans when it was revealed that she had attended Houghton music festival in Norfolk

Kate Middleton made a rogue incognito appearance
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Kate Middleton made a rogue incognito appearance at Houghton music festival in Norfolk this week - much to the surprise of royal fans!

Despite avoiding the press and their photographers, it's been revealed that the Princess of Wales had a secret outing to the Houghton music festival. Images of the Princess are currently circulating and appear to show the Princess letting her hair down and having a drink with some friends at a festival.

It was revealed by a source to the Daily Mail, that the Princess made the decision to drop into the festival when she was having dinner at Houghton Hall. Houghton Hall is the home of the Marquess and Marchioness of Cholmondeley, David and Rose (Hanbury), friends of the Prince and Princess of Wales. The festival was taking place on their 1,000-acre estate, and guests at the dinner party decided to drop by after dinner.

"After dinner, one of the guests suggested that Catherine go to the festival," a source told the Daily Mail. "Catherine was nervous about the idea, but, after much discussion with her protection officers, she went with lots of security. William wasn't there."

Rose Hanbury

Rose Hanbury

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The Evening Standard reported that they heard from a source, "Kate, who was wearing an understated navy dress, was in high spirits, ordering spicy margaritas, eating affogato, and speaking affably with the other members of her party. Her companions apparently carted in a huge, balthazar-sized bottle of AIX rosé and, together with Kate, left the festival restaurant staff a £700 tip."

Houghton Festival is the UK's only 24-hour music festival, meaning that there is always a stage somewhere playing music through the night. Typically the music at this festival is techno, house, or drum and bass, and has gained a reputation as a rather posh festival.

The Prince and Princess of Wales' Norfolk home, Anmer Hall, is just a stone's throw from the festival site, so is likely the place where the family were staying this weekend. 

Anmer Hall

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It's been revealed that Catherine isn't the only member of the Royal Family to enjoy a night out recently. It was reported that back in June this year, Prince William was spotted with his pal Guy Pelly enjoying a dance on the balcony of the London club, Koko. 

The Prince didn't join Catherine at this festival, but if reports are true, these busy royals clearly like to let their hair down and relax when they have some time off-duty.

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