Is Kate Middleton’s hair an indicator that she’s pregnant again?

Kate Middleton’s hair has often been a sign that the royal is pregnant, so as rumors swirl, will we be seeing a new look soon?

Kate Middleton's hair
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Kate Middleton's hair has often been used to disguise the Duchess' pregnancy.

The Duchess of Cambridge's absence from the public eye has led to speculation that the royal may be pregnant for the fourth time. In a recent post from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's Instagram, Prince William was pictured chatting to workers and volunteers for the emergency services. 

The Duke was pictured without his wife which led to some questions from fans such as, "Wonderful William but where is the Duchess?" and, "Hmmmm. Just holidays? Prince William is making an appearance today. If we don’t see his duchess soon, we’re all going to get very excited."

Although this is merely speculation, the next time the Duchess' hair is snapped on camera, fans may be able to tell if she is expecting a new member of the family. Since being in the public eye the Duchess of Cambridge's hair transformation has been under constant scrutiny, particularly when the royal is pregnant. 

Previously when the Duchess has been in the early stages of pregnancy, she's used the very clever trick of changing her hairstyle to draw attention away from her body. 

The Duchess of Cambridge often changes her hair in the early months of her pregnancy so that paparazzi shots are focused on her new hairstyle and not on her choice to wear loose clothes. 

The trend began even when she was pregnant with Prince George, who was born in the summer of 2013.

Kate Middleton's hair while pregnant with Prince George

Kate Middleton's hair

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In November 2012, Duchess Kate was pictured with large curtain bangs. This look was a big change for the Duchess who was known for keeping her hair in long natural looking brown curls. 

While the media was distracted by her new fluffy bangs, the Duchess was able to keep the early stages of her pregnancy a secret without the prying eyes of the paparazzi and the media.

Again, while pregnant with Princess Charlotte, the Duchess of Cambridge used a similar hair distraction to keep her pregnancy under wraps.

Kate Middleton's hair while pregnant with Princess Charlotte

Kate Middleton

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A month before Kate and William announced their pregnancy with Princess Charlotte, the Duchess of Cambridge was snapped with her darker and grey-ish roots on show.

This hairstyle wasn't a huge change for Kate Middleton as the royal still wore her long brown hair in her classic curly blow-out. 

However, rather predictably, media outlets focused on the Duchess' imperfect hair color and all speculation about her next pregnancy was put on hold while the discussion focused on Kate's hair.

When it came to her pregnancy with Prince Louis, the Duchess went for an even bigger hair change before announcing her pregnancy.

Kate Middleton's hair while pregnant with Prince Louis

Kate Middleton

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Before announcing her pregnancy with Prince Louis, the Duchess of Cambridge was pictured sporting a much shorter hairstyle as she had her hair cut into a fashionable lob. 

A lob, also known as a long-bob, is one of the best bob hairstyles for women and was the Duchess of Cambridge's choice of hairstyle while in the early stages of her pregnancy with Prince Louis.

Although she ultimately let this look grow out after announcing her pregnancy, this shorter style is one the Duchess occasionally returns to. Even during lockdown, the Duchess of Cambridge made a change to her royal hairstyle  and went for a longer lob style that was reminiscent of her pregnancy look in 2017.

Although it is unknown if the Duchess of Cambridge's extended absence from social media and public events is just because she is taking a break, it may be worth keeping an eye on the royal's hair. If she suddenly has a drastic change of hairstyle in the next few weeks, it may be an indication that another drastic change is taking place in the royal household!

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