The Duchess of Cambridge makes huge change to her royal hairstyle during lockdown

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  • The Duchess of Cambridge has made one big change to her royal hairstyle during lockdown - have you spotted it?

    Duchess Catherine always looks flawless whenever we see her out and about at royal engagements, and nothing has changed since we’ve entered lockdown.

    While the royal family cannot attend or organise any events to promote their charitable causes in person, they have been busy keeping in touch with the charities they support virtually.

    This means we’ve been able to see Catherine at her home in Anmer Hall, and her hairstyle seems to have changed during lockdown.

    While we’re used to seeing her with a professional blow-dry, her recent looks seem a lot more casual.

    For her appearance on This Morning to speak her new photography project – the Hold Still 2020 – she wore her locks down and curled but brushed through. Quite different to her traditional professionally-done curls!

    And even though we can’t officially know if Catherine has the help of a professional during lockdown, hair experts seem to believe that she is indeed styling it herself.

    Celebrity hair stylist James Johnson told Femail, “Kate’s hair is usually more full of volume and pristine. Here her hair looks more undone, and definitely shows signs of her doing it herself.

    “Although we are used to Kate’s perfect locks, Kate’s effort is great and it’s nice to see a more relaxed style on her.

    “It’s not easy doing your hair yourself when you’re used to getting it done professionally, so Kate has done well.

    “Kate may have even created the blowdry look with a medium tong, which can easily be done at home.

    In fact, the duchess’ hair is likely to be benefitting from a break in styling – which explains why it’s looking shinier than ever!

    “Kate had her LOB (long bob) cut before lockdown and luckily she went for a shorter, lighter style which I no doubt is easier to maintain in these conditions”, James added.

    Kate Middleton hair

    Many royal fans noticed Catherine’s hair has been looking a lot shinier (Credit: Getty)

    “Not being so active with work is a great time for her to re-condition her hair, and it shows in the shine.

    “The use of less heat day-to-day as Kate goes to less events is ideal for helping restore her hair, perfect for someone like Kate who normally has a busy schedule and a lot of hair styling.”

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