How the Queen's grandchildren could honor her today with a sweet tradition

The Queen's grandchildren may honor Her Majesty with this sweet tradition today on Shrove Tuesday as the UK celebrates with pancakes

Queen's grandchildren may honor Her Majesty - Queen's grandchildren could honor her
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It is thought that the Queen's grandchildren may honor Her Majesty this Shrove Tuesday as the royals could be set to make a special recipe.

Shrove Tuesday is marked on February 21, 2023, and people across the world celebrate the end of lent with the Christian tradition of making pancakes.

Some people make crepes, and others make American buttermilk-style pancakes, but the Royal Family has a different type of tradition. It was revealed that the Royal Family enjoys a 'drop scone' which is a pancake-style dish that the late Queen prided herself on.

In fact, the Queen was so proud of this recipe that she once sent it to President Eisenhower as a favor. Her Majesty met Eisenhower for the first time in 1957 at a White House State banquet. Three years after the banquet she remembered to send him the recipe and included a sweet note.


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"Seeing a picture of you in today's newspaper standing in front of a barbecue grilling quail reminded me that I had never sent you the recipe of the drop scones which I promised you at Balmoral," said the Queen. "I now hasten to do so, and I do hope you will find them successful."

The recipe from the Queen read, "Beat eggs, sugar, and about half the milk together, add flour, and mix well together, adding the remainder of milk as required, also bicarbonate and cream of tartar, fold in the melted butter."

"When there are fewer, I generally put in less flour and milk but use other ingredients as stated. I have also tried using golden syrup or treacle instead of only sugar, and that can be very good too," she concluded.

It is thought that the Queen's grandchildren may plan to replicate her popular recipe on Pancake Day as a way of paying tribute to their late grandmother on the first Shrove Tuesday since her passing in 2022.

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It has been established that the Queen's grandchildren enjoy following traditions with their own tradition and on February 21, Kate Middleton's cooking skills fell flat as she attempted to make crepe-style pancakes at a nursing home in Berkshire and struggled to flip the treats properly in the pan. 

However, the Prince and Princess of Wales have revealed that they regularly cook with their children, the Queen's great-grandchildren, and encourage them to get involved in the kitchen.

Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, all helped their parents bake some treats ahead of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. It was also revealed in 2019 that Kate likes to make her children homemade cakes for their birthdays. 

Catherine told Mary Berry during the chef's festive show, A Berry Royal Christmas, "I love making the cake." The Princess explained, "It's become a bit of a tradition that I stay up 'til midnight with ridiculous amounts of cake mix and icing and I make far too much. But I love it."

It can be safely assumed that the Royal Family will be whipping up some pancakes tonight and joining in on the festivities, which could mean the children have an opportunity to continue a tradition and learn their grandmother's famous recipe. 

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