How Queen Camilla's fear of 'grueling' royal duty could bring Carole Middleton closer to George, Charlotte, and Louis

The Queen Consort's struggle with the important duty is likely to strengthen Carole Middleton's bond with her royal grandkids

How Camilla's fear of 'grueling' job could affect Carole Middleton
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Queen Camilla's fear of an important royal duty is likely to strengthen Carole Middleton's relationship with George, Charlotte, and Louis, a royal insider has revealed.  

Queen Camilla's fear of a major royal duty is likely to have a positive effect on Carole Middleton's relationship with her Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, according to a royal expert. 

The news comes shortly after King Charles III's coronation at Westminster Abbey on Saturday, which was attended by over 2000 invited guests and watched by over 20 million people in the UK. 

It's no secret that the Princess of Wales's parents are already tight with the young royal trio, having been heavily involved in their lives ever since George was born in 2013. Carole Middleton has even described herself as 'hands-on' with her beloved grandchildren, revealing in 2021 that she loves to "cook with them", go on "bike rides with them" and even "muck around dancing." 

"I want to run down the hills, climb the trees and go through the tunnel at the playground," the Party Pieces founder told Good Housekeeping, adding that she intends to continue doing these activities with her grandkids so "as long as I am able." 

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It now looks like the 68-year-old and her husband Michael, 73, could grow even closer to William and Kate's children, with one royal source predicting that Queen Camilla's fear of airplanes cause the couple's grandparent duties to intensify in the near future. 

According to Kay, the Queen Consort isn't a big fan of traveling overseas - an aspect that comes part and parcel with being the King's spouse. 

Camilla "finds international travel grueling" and therefore may retire from the jet-setting lifestyle "sooner than people realise." 


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The 75-year-old's phobia was confirmed by a Clarence House spokesperson in 2018, who said, "The Duchess does not like flying. I think she sometimes has to embrace fear and get on with it." 

Camilla is also known to distract herself from turbulence on flights by playing Travel Scrabble on her phone or "squeezing her husband's hand anxiously during take-off", according to royal writer Gyles Brandreth. 

With Camilla's reluctance to fly expected to impact the prevalence of her overseas travel, Prince William and Kate Middleton will likely be expected to increase their international visibility as compensation. This may put pressure on the Princess of Wales's parents, who live just a 40-minute drive from Adelaide Cottage, to babysit more often. 

"It will be Mike and Carole Middleton who are called on to help out by taking care of Prince George and his siblings Charlotte and Louis," Kay predicts. 

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