The 'subtle message' that Kate Middleton is sending with this 'transformative power'

One expert claims that Kate’s "fashion overhaul" is not a coincidence – she’s sending a subtle but powerful message about her future

The 'subtle message' that Kate Middleton is sending
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Catherine, Princess of Wales is undergoing something of a transformation, fashion experts have agreed. While she’s always been known for her style, lately Kate has adopted a much more business-like dress, opting for powerful suits, tailored trousers and other strong, statement pieces. This, one expert suggests, is the Princess of Wales's way of preparing for her future as Queen Consort. 

The Princess of Wales has been sending subtle messages with her recent outings.

While Kate Middleton’s best style moments over the years have included everything from the trends of the day to stunning dresses and playful prints, a quick look at the Princess of Wales's fashion over the past few months reveal a notable shift.

Catherine has adopted a new wardrobe complete with powerful suits, tailored trousers and timeless pieces.  

Some of her more memorable looks have included a daring red pantsuit (and red is the colour of the season, so she’s still right on trend despite the transformation!) and a deep blue suit.

Kate Middleton in bold red suit

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Fashion expert Miranda Holder told that this is no coincidence – the Princess is "sending a message" with her new wardrobe as she highlighted the "transformative power of clothes".

Miranda said, "Kate is saying, 'Don’t focus so much on my clothes. I am here to do a role. I want to be taken seriously.'"

She elaborated that she believes Kate is thinking "'I am treating this as a proper duty. I’m pledging my allegiance to these charities and causes. … I’m your future queen, and I’m doing the best I can.'"

"It’s sending out a message of business rather than fashion. She's trying to take away from the world’s fixation on her fashion."

Kate Middleton in a deep blue pantsuit

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However, this will likely not be an easy transition for the Princess of Wales. After all, since stepping into the royal spotlight, Kate has had the ability to make items sell out and turn lesser-known brands into household names just by wearing something.

In fact, Kate’s fashion seal of approval is so well-known it has its own name – The Kate Effect.

One of the most iconic examples of this was when the dress she wore to announce her engagement to Prince William in 2010 sold out hours afterwards – and the company simply couldn’t keep up with the demand for the dress.

The Kate Effect saw Kate Middleton's engagement dress from Issa sell out almost instantly

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Kate’s dark blue Issa wrap dress isn’t the only time the Princess has caused a rush of shoppers eager to snap up a piece. Her earrings debuted at the Christmas 2022 walkabout sold out and sparked a long waitlist.

There’s nothing to say that when Kate is queen she still cant enjoy her fashion. After all, look at Spain’s Queen Letizia who recently rocked a gorgeous pink pantsuit to meet with none other than Meryl Streep.

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