Hollywood film to be made about this surprising Royal family member

A film based on a very special member of the Royal family is to be released in 2019.

The Queen already has had her very own movie – The Queen starring Helen Mirren – as well as a huge television drama series based on her life – The Crown – so it is only fair her beloved corgi dogs have a chance to shine too!

It has been announced an animation film, The Queen’s Corgi, is to be released in February 15th 2019.

The fun animation will follow the adventures of one of the Queen’s cheeky corgis, Rex, voiced by popular comedian Jack Whitehall. Rex is incredibly spoilt and enjoys his luxurious life in Buckingham Palace but his life is turned upside down when he finds himself in a London dog’s home where he is no longer top dog.

Voicing the Queen is national treasure Dame Julie Walters. The voices of Ray Winstone and Sheridan Smith will also be starring in the sweet film.

The Queen’s love of corgis started at a young age. King George VI brought home a corgi named Dookie for Elizabeth and her sister, Margaret, in 1933.

The Queen’s corgis are certainly treated like Royalty. Another of the Queen’s corgis, Susan, was invited along on the honeymoon where she travelled by yacht, royal train and private plane!

The film is directed by Ben Stassen and Vincent Kesteloot and is written by Rob Sprackling and Johnny Smith.

From the trailer, The Queen’s Corgi looks like an amusing, touching film which focuses on the Queen’s special relationship with corgis.

Fans have shown their excitement after watching the trailer with one saying, ‘Now this is the film to watch!’

Another viewer said, ‘This looks adorable!!!!’

Taking to social media, Jack Whitehall described the film as ‘the movie you never realised how much you wanted’.

This is not Fresh Meat star Jack Whitehall’s first appearance in a children’s film as he starred in The Nutcracker and the Four Realms earlier this year.

Do you reckon the Queen will be looking forward to seeing her favourite dogs on the big screen?

One would think so…