Everything we know about San Vincente Bungalows, the exclusive members club Harry and Meghan chose for their Hollywood date night

Here's what we know about the private members club, San Vincente Bungalows, which hosted the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's recent date night

Here's what we know about the private members club, San Vincente Bungalows, which hosted the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's recent date
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Prince Harry and Meghan were spotted on a date night at San Vincente Bungalows in West Hollywood on February 28.

On Tuesday, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex made their first public appearance since Harry and Meghan confirmed that they've been told to 'vacate' Frogmore Cottage and an episode of South Park made a thinly veiled dig at Prince Harry and Meghan.

The royal couple decided to go for dinner at San Vincente Bungalows and were snapped at they arrived and left this exclusive venue. The exclusive club has only been open since 2018, but it has become one of the most sought-after celebrity venues for those who are looking for a bit of privacy from their fans. 

The club has seen the likes of Justin and Hailey Bieber, Leonardo DiCaprio, Miley Cyrus, Charlize Theron, and Sandra Bullock, as members, and it has now been confirmed that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are among the celebrities with membership to this club.

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But what is it that is attracting so many A-listers to this exclusive venue? According to San Vincente Bungalows, the members club describes itself as, "a private membership club designed to attract a community of extraordinary individuals, each contributing something unique to its soul and experience."

What this really means is that this private members club is about as exclusive as it can get. The members are prohibited from speaking about or posting about the club on social media and need to be recommended by other guests in order to gain access to the venue.

The club costs $4,200 per year if you're over the age of 35 and $1,800 for members who are younger than 35. The club is both a hotel, with nine bungalow rooms (which inspired the name) but these services are only available to members, and will also cost an additional price to your yearly fees. 

The club boasts an exclusive and limited membership and GQ previously reported that the club has only 750 members. The magazine described the club as 'an urban playground reserved for around 750 highly vetted members and their guests,' and added that it was a 'bubble of privilege and power.'

Speaking about its privacy, owner Jeff Klein told GQ, "We don’t judge at all." He then added, "Bring your wife one night, your mistress the next night and your boyfriend the one after. That’s sort of what this was created for – no judging. Where else can you do that in privacy?"

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While at some clubs, non-members are permitted to use the restaurant facilities, this member's club is not quite like that. The San Vincente Bungalow menu is exclusively for members, and it is not cheap. But so long as you're happy to pay $18 for avocado toast, $23 for zucchini fries, $17 for tomato soup, and $54 for a steak and fries, you're all set!

If you are looking to gain a membership, sadly it is not as easy as just signing up. First, you must convince a current member to recommend you (although it helps if it's more than one person recommending you), then you must sit on the waitlist, then if you do get accepted, you just have to hope you're under 35 or you'll be paying more than double the yearly fee.

For a couple that is both rich and famous, gaining access to San Vincente Bungalows was probably very easy for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. This is also a sweet mirroring of the couple's first-ever date which took place in London. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's first date spot was at the exclusive members club, 76 Dean Street in London, which is part of the Soho House chain of member clubs.

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