Elizabeth Arden delights fans with cheeky response to *that* Prince Harry moment

Elizabeth Arden played a big – and very unexpected – role in one of Prince Harry’s most memorable moments in Spare

 Prince Harry waves as he leaves Nottingham's new Central Police Station on October 26, 2016 in Nottingham, England.
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Elizabeth Arden has published a tweet that many fans think is a subtle joke following excerpts from Prince Harry’s Spare. In the book, Harry writes fondly about the smell of the famous Elizabeth Arden creams, describing how the scent transported him back to memories of his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales. However, Harry took the anecdote in an unusual direction as he describes where he was applying the cream – “down there”, on his frostbitten genitals.

Elizabeth Arden’s cream has been the name of everyone’s lips for days – for reasons some might find surprising.

In a particularly memorable moment from Prince Harry’s memoir, Spare, he reveals that he rubbed the eight-hour cream on his “todger” after contracting frostbite.

For reasons quite unclear, Harry doesn’t separate the thought of rubbing the Elizabeth Arden cream “down there” from the memory of his late mother, Princess Diana, using the cream on her lips.

Fans on social media have had a field day reacting to the excerpt for days and now Elizabeth Arden is getting in on the action.

The brand posted an amusing advert for their creams, making a point of referencing their effectiveness in the “colder months.”

The subtle post was shared on Twitter and read, “You’ve heard all the buzz about plumping Hyaluronic Acid, but did you know it’s extremely helpful during the colder months?”

For added impact, they added the emoji for a frost flake.

Eight Hour® Cream All-Over Miracle Oil, $29 |Elizabeth Arden

Eight Hour® Cream All-Over Miracle Oil, $29 |Elizabeth Arden

A potent blend of moisturizing ingredients, including Tsubaki Oil, combine to deliver intensive all-over moisture for face, body and hair.

Fans picked up on the ‘between-the-lines’ joke. Comments to the post included, “Well done,  Princess Diana (and a prince) favored product!” and “whoever tweeted this deserves a raise omg.”

Another added, “Elizabeth Arden realising there’s no such thing as bad publicity.”

Of course, despite the fun people are having at the expense of Harry’s frostbitten privates, Elizabeth Arden has been a royal favorite for years before this.

In 2021, Hello! magazine reported that Queen Elizabeth was said to be all about the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream when it comes to her beauty regime.

Consistently praised and well-reviewed, the Eight Hour Cream is an award-winning product that makes the perfect beauty gift for anyone and can be easily introduced into a skincare routine for any age group.

Eight Hour® Cream Skin Protectant, $27 | Elizabeth Arden

Eight Hour® Cream Skin Protectant, $27 | Elizabeth Arden

This award-winning formula goes beyond moisturization, working wonders to shape brows, add shine to cheeks, soothe dry hands, smooth cuticles and nails, and more.

Dermatologist-tested and clinically shown to hydrate and protect skin for eight hours!

Elizabeth Arden has held a royal warrant for over 55 years now and is a must-have item for beauty enthusiasts, so it’s perhaps no surprise that everyone from Queen Elizabeth to Prince Harry was a fan.

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