Duchess Sophie continues honoring the traditions of her family as she’s seen practising one of Prince Philip’s favorite pastimes

Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh has honored her late father-in-law by picking up his beloved hobby

Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh honors the memory of her father-in-law with this pastime
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Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh, continues to quietly honor her former in-laws. A relaxed and fresh looking Sophie kept it casual and quintessentially country as she was seen practising carriage driving on the Windsor estate. While she’s not the only royal to partake in the sport, there’s a deeper, personal connection for Sophie. Prince Philip bonded with his future daughter-in-law by sharing with her one of his favorite sports when she first married Edward.

Dressed in a waterproof jacket and blue jeans, Sophie, the Duchess of Edinburgh, looked fresh-faced and carefree while on the Windsor estate this weekend.

Keeping things sensible, she donned a practical pair of knee-high brown riding boots and swept her blonde hair up under a Royal Windsor Horse Show branded baseball cap.

Sophie was seen with two women as they were carriage driving – and there’s actually a really sweet reason she took up the sport.

At Prince Philip's memorial in April 2022, Sophie explained how her father-in-law taught her carriage driving in the early days of her marriage to his youngest son Prince Edward - who she married in 1999.

Sophie was seen carriage driving this weekend

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Prince Philip himself first took up carriage driving in 1973 when a wrist injury forced him to stop playing polo.

This was touched upon in season five of The Crown on Netflix.  In the second episode of the season, Philip, played by Jonathan Pryce, tells a reporter, “At age 50, I decided to give up the big sporting love of my life and look for new challenges. Which is how I ended up carriage driving.”

In the competitive sport of carriage driving, two or four wheeled carriages are pulled by anywhere between one and four horses.

Prince Philip began his competitive career and by 1980, he was selected to the British Driving Team at the World Championships in Windsor. He would go on to help the British Team win the 1981 European Championships in Switzerland.

Prince Philip was a huge lover of carriage driving and passed it down to his daughter-in-law

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One account of someone who researched Philip’s involvement with the sport said that the Queen would regularly come to watch them train, and she was always delighted to see which of her horses were being used.

Prince Philip continued to drive his Fell ponies into his nineties. He wrote, “I am getting old, my reactions are getting slower and my memory is unreliable but I have never lost the sheer pleasure of driving a team through the British countryside.”

And that’s a pleasure which his daughter-in-law is keeping alive.

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