The Duchess of Cambridge’s secret meeting with Tim Henman at Kensington Palace

The Duchess of Cambridge recently hosted a secret meeting at Kensington Palace, to discuss an issue close to her heart.

Catherine and representatives from prominent tennis organisations gathered on Tuesday 13th, to discuss how they could work together to get more young people into the sport. The group, alongside the Duchess of Cambridge, also consulted on how to get people into the sport, at a “grassroots level”.

The royal also met with tennis figures Judy Murray and former player Tim Henman, for their input into the issue.

While at the meeting, the Duchess spoke to representatives from Wimbledon, Coach Core, and British Tennis, all of whom are important organisations within the sport.

Unlike many of Catherine’s royal engagements, this particular meeting went unannounced, and unpublicised. Kensington Palace only informed followers of the meeting with a tweet posted later on in the day.

But as patron of the Lawn Tennis Association, it’s likely that the discussion was an important one for Catherine. In the past, the Duchess of Cambridge has held meetings that haven’t been announced in the media, perhaps illustrating her clear commitment to the causes she’s chosen to champion.

Just a few months ago, she held a roundtable event with representatives from maternal health organisations. The meeting, again at the palace, was held in secret – likely to allow some important discussions to go on.

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Catherine has long been vocal about her passion for tennis. The royal has visited Wimbledon every year since her marriage to Prince William. And she even took on the role of patron of the LTA from the Queen herself, given her own interest in the sport.

The 36-year-old, who is currently eight months pregnant, has even spoken about her own desire for her children to pursue the sport.

Last year, she revealed to an LTA coach that her son Prince George is showing an interest in tennis, but isn’t particularly adept just yet.

Coach Sam Richardson shared, “She says with George just being four he wants to whack a ball, so she was asking what sort of stuff should she be doing. They will struggle at that age to hit a ball. She said he’s interested in it, but more in whacking the ball.”

The Duchess of Cambridge has also worked with Judy Murray, mum to Andy and Jamie, on many tennis initiatives.

In fact, LTA coach even shared that she’d turn to the tennis coach for advice on getting her boisterous four-year-old into the game.

“She said she spoke to Judy Murray and she suggested taking away the racket and do more of the basic stuff, which is absolutely right. But four-year-old boys want to swing the racket around.”

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