Duchess Camilla opens up on finding refuge in her favourite hobby during tough year

Duchess Camilla has said one of her passions has helped her 'escape'

Duchess Camilla
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Duchess Camilla has opened up on how difficult 2020 has been due to the coronavirus pandemic - and how reading can help us ‘escape' reality.

What did Duchess Camilla say about reading?

Camilla referenced the famous quote by author Enid Bagnold, "To make a great flower out of life, even if it's a cactus."

The Duchess of Cornwall said: "For many people, this year has been a cactus, if the cactus lovers amongst us will forgive me.

"But as Enid says, writers have the power to turn a cactus into a great flower.

"While COVID deprived us of so many cultural pleasures, live music, theatre, cinema, art galleries, even being together in the flesh this evening.

"But we still have the pleasure of at least being able to read."

The Duchess continued how reading can also create a sense of community.

She added: "Through reading, we can also find community.

"This year, as book sales have vastly increased, so online book clubs have flourished and book-lovers have been forging new connections with one other.

“For all these reasons, this year’s Booker Prize is even more important than usual. 

"It provides an opportunity to reflect on the richness of English-language literature.

"It allows us to give thanks for the transformative power of books, which change cacti into flowers."

She finished: "As long as we can read, we can travel, we can escape, we can explore, we can laugh, we can cry and we can grapple with life’s mysteries."

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