Did you spot King Charles' emotional nod to the Queen and Prince Philip on his new coronation emblem?

King Charles' coronation emblem has been recently revealed and the sweet tribute to his late parents has not gone unnoticed...

King Charles' coronation emblem
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King Charles' coronation emblem has a subtle tribute to his late parents, Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh. 

King Charles' coronation emblem has been revealed, and fans are loving the clever arrangement of flowers that create the shape of St Edward’s Crown, the crown which His Majesty will be crowned in May this year.

It has been revealed by the designers that the four flowers featured on the emblem have a special meaning for the UK and Royal Family. "The design features the rose of England, the thistle of Scotland, the daffodil of Wales and the shamrock of Northern Ireland, paying tribute to The King’s love of the natural world," read a post.

However, as well as paying tribute to each country making up the UK, these flowers also have a subtle tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip.

During her lifetime, Queen Elizabeth had a particular penchant for some of the flowers included in the emblem. This included daffodils, which are the national flower and symbol for Wales, but also have a clear link to the late Queen who even had a breed of daffodil flower named Narcissus Diamond Jubilee that was created especially for her during her Diamond Jubilee in 2012.

Similarly, it was reported that the Queen adores roses and had over 3.5k rose bushes planted in Windsor Castle. Similarly, there were a number of rose beds at Buckingham Palace that the Queen enjoyed in her lifetime, the majority of which were pink or red. 

In a sadder tribute, the wreath of flowers on Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin at the State Funeral featured pink roses that were cut from royal residences, as requested by King Charles.

Similarly, the Scottish thistle on the emblem could have been a subtle tribute to Prince Philip. During his lifetime the Prince was styled as the Duke of Edinburgh and had a strong and longstanding connection with Scotland and its people. 

Roses were also placed on Prince Philip's funeral when he died. However, his arrangement was styled by Queen Elizabeth who selected flowers of the purest white to rest on her husband's coffin - which included delicate bright white roses.

Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh walk at Broadlands, Hampshire

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According to the Royal Family this emblem which honors the late monarch and her husband, will feature prominently on the coronation day in May. "The emblem will feature throughout the historic events in May, including street parties, community gatherings and on official merchandise," said a post from the Royal Family.

The post also revealed the creator of the emblem, British designer Sir Jony Ive said of the emblem that it, "speaks to the happy optimism of spring and celebrates the beginning of this new Carolean era for the United Kingdom".

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