Camilla's 'Queen Consort' title could change again as Palace 'prepares' country for new royal era

Camilla, Queen Consort may have another title change ahead of her coronation alongside King Charles in May, a royal insider has predicted

Camilla's 'Queen Consort' title could change as Palace 'prepares' UK for new era
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Camilla, Queen Consort could see her title change once again ahead of her coronation alongside King Charles III in May, a royal insider has predicted. 

Camilla, Queen Consort may have her official royal title updated ahead of her coronation alongside King Charles III in May, an insider has suggested. 

The change has reportedly 'always' been a part of Buckingham Palace's plan for the 75-year-old, who inherited the regal moniker of Queen Consort following her husband's ascension to the throne in September. 

Camilla had previously been known as the Duchess of Cornwall, a title given to her by Queen Elizabeth II in 2005 when she and Charles finally consecrated their relationship of 34 years. She also held the title of the Princess of Wales, but never publicly used it because of its connations with the King's first wife, Princess Diana. 

In February, Queen Elizabeth II confirmed that Camilla would receive a new title once Charles ascended the throne. 

Queen Elizabeth II and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall attend the Ceremonial Welcome

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In a message shared to mark her Platinum Jubilee year, Her Majesty expressed her "sincere wish" that Camilla would be known as Queen Consort when she died, acknowledging her "loyal service" and ongoing "support" to her eldest son. 

A Clarence House spokesperson later told the BBC that the couple was 'touched and honored' by the monarch's heartwarming words. 

As per Her Majesty's requests, Camilla immediately became the Queen Consort when Queen Elizabeth II died at Balmoral Castle on September 8. 

Her previous titles, the Duchess of Cornwall and the Princess of Wales, were passed down to Kate Middleton, with the name she used when she was young, Camilla Parker Bowles, fast becoming a distant memory. 

However, it has now been speculated that the former English socialite could drop the 'Consort' suffix of her title ahead of her upcoming coronation on Saturday, May 6. 


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"I am absolutely convinced that she has always been Queen Camilla," Peter Hunt told the LBC on Wednesday, before suggesting that 'Consort' was never intended to be used as a long-term title for the royal icon. 

"I've always been convinced that Queen Consort was a mechanism by which the Palace prepared us for this moment." 

Camilla may even drop the 'Consort' before she is crowned next summer, with predictions already swirling that the media will start shortening her title in the months before her coronation. 

"I suspect that between now and May 6th, they will start calling her Queen Camilla." 

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