Who is still married from Love is Blind? Who stayed together and which couples called it quits?

Fans of Love is Blind are wondering which couples made it work after the show, here is what we know so far...

Who is still married from Love is Blind
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Love is Blind Season 3 has already delighted fans who are obsessed with the show.

Although only seven episodes of the 11-episode season have been released, and it's not yet known whether some of the couples said 'I do' at the alter, we've done some digging to find out...

Social media posts from the couples on the show may have revealed if they say 'I do' at the aisle and if they are still currently married. We've also included a recap of the couples from seasons 1 and 2 of the show so you can know exactly who is still married from Love is Blind.

Who is still married from Love is Blind season 1 and 2?

The couples who are still married from Love is Blind season 1 are Lauren and Cameron and Amber and Barnett. These were the only couples to actually get married on the show. 

The other couples from the first season sadly could not make things work, this included Jessica and Mark, Giannina and Damian, and Kelly and Kenny.

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The couples from Love is Blind season 2 have had a much worse success rate than the first season. Although Jarette and Iyanna made it down the aisle, the couple announced in 2022 that they were in the process of getting a divorce. It was also recently announced that Nick and Danielle have broken up and have filed for divorce.

The other couples from the show failed to make it work on the show and didn't actually get married. This included Deepti and Shake, Shaina and Kyle, and Natalie and Shayne.

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Who is still married from Love is Blind season 3?

Although Love is Blind season 3 has not yet been completely released, some digging on social media might indicate which couples have made it down the aisle and are still together. 

Alexa and Brennon confessed their love in the first episode of the show and the pair has been pretty steady throughout the season. The couple seems to be pretty loved up on social media and has continued to share sweet images of one another that appear to be taken on the show. Our guess is that this couple did in fact say yes at the alter and have made things work following the show. 

SK and Raven got engaged in the second episode and the couple seemed to be getting along for a few episodes. A small spanner was thrown into the works as Raven appears to still have some feelings for Bartise.

On social media, Raven and SK have posted a few posts about the show, but nothing specific about the possibility of them being a couple following the experiment. They also don't seem to be following one another, which could be a huge indicator of the status of their current relationship.

Cole and Zanab have had more of a rocky time on the show, and in one episode Cole confessed, "Zanab is the girl I emotionally connect with, Colleen is the girl I physically connect with – where's the in-between?"

Cole still follows Zanab on Instagram, but this is not reciprocated by Zanab who is only following 100 people and Cole is not one of them. While the two have promoted the show and posted pictures of their time on the show on Instagram, the couple has not posted many recent pics of one another. This could be an indicator that the pair did not go through with their engagement and marriage and are in fact single.

Nancy received a proposal from Andrew but turned him down in favor of Bartise. However, Bartise is still attracted to Raven and has admitted during the show that Nancy is not his usual type. 

Bartise still follows Nancy on Instagram and has shared images of them from the show on his page. Similarly, Nancy still follows Bartise and has also posted images from the show. However, the only posts that feature one another all took place in the experiment - could this be an indicator that the couple is no longer together?

Colleen and Matt have argued on a few occasions during the show and many of their arguments have stemmed from jealousy and lack of communication.

It is unclear whether the couple is going to make it down the aisle, but the fact that neither of them follow each other on Instagram is probably not the best sign. Colleen has posted some photos taken on the show, of Matt, but this has not been reciprocated by Matt as she does not feature on his page at all.

The season 3 of Love is Blind will continue to be released on Netflix on November 2. Three episodes will be released and fans will finally get to see who said yes at the alter. On November 9, the final eleventh episode of season 3 will be released and will show which couples made it work on the outside.

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