Love is Blind season 1: Where are they now and who is still together?

Love is Blind season 1 was released in 2020 and fans were obsessed with the dramatic show, but what happened to the couples featured?

Love is Blind season 1
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Love is Blind season 1 may have been released in 2020, but our fascination with the contestants in the show has continued long after the show. 

While some couples make it work after the show and end up with happy marriages, some couples such as Nick and Danielle from season 2, broke up fairly soon after they made it down the aisle. 

But which couples are still together from the beloved 2020 series? Here is what we know about the five couples from season 1...

Lauren and Cameron

Love is Blind

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Lauren and Cameron were one of the two couples from season 1 who actually got married at the end of the show. The couple was besotted with one another throughout the series and their relationship only seemed to grow stronger with time.

It was confirmed in the reunion show that the pair are still together, and their social media pages show off their very happy life together. They even have a shared YouTube account called 'Hanging With the Hamiltons' where they detai their sweet relationship with adorable surprises and videos about their life together.

Amber and Barnett

Love is Blind

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Amber and Barnett were the other couple from season 1 who actually completed the show as a married couple. The pair faced troubles along the way, such as when Barnett found out about Amber's debt, or when Jessica continued to brazenly flirt with Barnett and make them both feel uncomfortable. 

Despite these challenges, the pair is still happily married and even spoke previously about starting a family. They both are constantly sharing images of their lives together on social media and seem content.

The couple just marked their four-year anniversary and they both gushed on social media about how they hoped to celebrate many more anniversaries together.

Jessica and Mark

Love is Blind

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Jessica and Mark are both currently in happy relationships, just not with one another. The pair had a lot of struggles on the show which ultimately meant they did not get married at the end of the show, as Mark said 'I do' and Jessica essentially said, 'I do not'.

Despite not getting married on the show, Mark is now married to a woman named Aubrey, with whom he has two children, two boys named Ace & Axton. The pair got married in early September 2022 and appear more loved up than ever on social media.

Jessica also got married in September 2022 to a man named Ben McGrath, who is a doctor and has quite a social media following. Doctor Ben is already a father to two children, and is constantly sharing images of his kids and his new wife on his social platforms.

Both Mark and Jessica appear to be very happy on social media, and calling quits on their relationship seemed to be the right decision for them both.

Giannina and Damian

Love is Blind

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Although Giannina and Damian did not get married at the end of season 1, the couple decided to stay together and work through their issues. The reunion show was awkward as Damian invited his friend Francesca (best known for her appearance on Too Hot To Handle in 2020) leaving Giannina jealous and confused by their relationship.

The couple ultimately decided to call it quits and Giannina is now with Blake Horstmann, who she met on All Star Shore and is best known for his appearance on the fourteenth season of The Bachelorette.

Damian appears to still be single at the moment, and his social media suggests that the 31-year-old bachelor is enjoying the single life. Damian still posts the occasional photo with some of his Love Is Blind cast mates, suggesting that many of them have still kept in touch even long after the show ended.

Kelly and Kenny

Love is Blind

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Kenny and Kelly had a tricky relationship and both were not as compatible outside of the pods as they were inside the experiment. 

While their relationship with one another did not work, Kenny is now happily married to a woman named Alexandra and while the pair are pretty low-key, they seem very much in love and post about each other constantly on social media.

Kelly appears to still be single but has used her Love is Blind experience as a platform to start her successful brand as a podcast host and entrepreneur.

A number of other couples from Love is Blind season 2 and Love is Blind season 3 have not been as fortunate as those from the previous seasons, and many are still currently looking for love. 

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