Where you've seen Outlander's Chris Fulton before - and the threat Rob Cameron poses for Bree and Roger

Outlander fans are loving season seven of the show and the introduction of Rob Cameron, a potential new antagonist for Bree and Roger

Outlander's Chris Fulton
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The actor Chris Fulton has recently joined the Outlander cast as Rob Cameron, here's what you need to know about his character and the threat he poses to our favourite characters.

Episode six of Outlander season seven, 'Where the Waters Meet' aired last week and fans are becoming more and more curious about the character Rob Cameron, who seems to be poised to become a prominent character and potential antagonist for Roger and Bree. Here's everything you need to know about Rob Cameron's role in season seven, and the actor who portrays him, Chris Fulton.

*Warning: This article contains spoilers for Outlander season 7 episode 6.*

Who is Chris Fulton?

Chris Fulton was recognisable to a number of period drama fans as he has appeared in some of the biggest TV shows to hit the small screen in the past few years. Chris Fulton appeared in seasons one and two of the Netflix hit show Bridgerton as Phillip Crane. Phillip married his brother's girlfriend Marina Thompson and raised his brother's child with her.

Fans of The Witcher may also recognise him as the fire magician Rience, but his role was recast in the third season of the show. Chris also appeared in Endeavour in 2017 as a young inspector Morse, Succession and Doctors.

Who is Rob Cameron?

In an interview with Insider, actors Sophie Skelton and Richard Rankin, who play Bree and Roger respectively, spoke about the character Rob in season seven of the show."Rob definitely becomes a pretty prominent character in the story," Sophie said."It's an interesting dynamic at first because I think Roger gets a better inkling of who Rob is at heart than Brianna does." She added, "It was great to have new characters. I loved working with Chris."

Richard agreed and said, "The character's written well but Chris particularly has this thing about him where he's so brilliant at being deceptive and duplicitous. He has this earnest, charming way about him, so Roger has a suspicion but nothing to act upon." 

Sophie commented, "Right now, we just see that Rob is someone that Brianna works with and he's a good guy, but he might have nefarious things up his sleeves." She then added more sinisterly, "Rob Cameron is not someone to be trusted." 

Sophie and Richard then discussed Rob's flirting with Brianna. Sophie said,"I feel like he flirts a little bit with Brianna at the dinner table." To which Richard replied "He definitely does a bit of flirting." 

"He lures her into a false sense of security," Sophie added hinting at the character's future in the show. Richard added shortly, "He's a bastard."

In the most recent episode of the show, Rob attended Roger's first teaching session at Jemmy's school and found the notebook used by Roger to detail his findings while living in the 18th century. 

Although Rob suggested it was a piece of creative writing, some fans suspected that he may know more than he's letting on and his curiosity about Roger was perhaps more sinister than it first appeared. But only time will tell as his true nature continues to be revealed in the new episodes of Outlander

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