Where is Bloodlands set? Filming locations of the complex police drama revealed

The striking landscape of BBC's popular crime drama, Bloodlands, has viewers desperate to know everything about its filming locations

Where is Bloodlands set? Filming locations of BBC drama revealed
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If you're anything like us, you've binge-watched the first season of Bloodlands and are now eagerly anticipating the next episode of the BBC police series' second installment. 

The Northern Irish crime drama has gained a devout fanbase ever since it premiered last February, with DCI Tom Brannick’s intense investigations and complicated personal issues keeping viewers glued to their screens for all 10 episodes of its first season. 

Interest in the show has only risen with the recent release of Bloodlands Season 2, prompting more people to wonder about the production of the gripping show. Its outdoor scenes, complete with rugged landscapes and urban landmarks, have left folks curious to know where Bloodlands was filmed, with many eager to find out all the spots used by producers to craft the fictional world. 

So without further ado, here's everything you need to know about the Bloodlands' filming locations. 

Olivia Foyle (VICTORIA SMURFIT), Tom Brannick (JAMES NESBITT), Niamh McGovern (CHARLENE McKENNA)

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Where is Bloodlands set? 

Bloodlands is set in Northern Ireland, with the grassy area surrounding County Down's Strangford Lough serving as the primary location for the crime series' outdoor scenes. 

Strangford Lough

Strangford Lough was used for most of Bloodlands' outdoor scenes, including those where the police find the bodies of Goliath's victims. 

"It's eerie, it's austere, it can be beautiful, it can also be somewhere that you would enter with a sense of foreboding so it's a great backdrop for a thriller," producer Jed Mercurio explained. 

Bloodlands' writer Chris Brandon also has a close connection with the area, having grown up in the village of the same name at the mouth of Strangford Lough. 


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Strangford Harbour

Strangford Harbour can also be seen in the first episode of Bloodlands, appearing in that haunting scene of Pat Keenan's Range Rover being pulled out of the sea. 

Rosemary Street Masonic Hall, Belfast

Bloodlands' police station, where much of the series' indoor action takes place, was filmed at the Masonic Hall on Rosemary Street in central Belfast. 

The Titanic Experience


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The Titanic Experience, which is located on the Harland and Wolff shipyard in Belfast, also appears in Bloodlands. The historical tourist attraction was used to film the scene in which Olivia talks to her American contact about the discovery, with both the Fit Out rooms and the Launch room featuring as a backdrop for the tense conversation. 

Ballyclare War Memorial Park

Ballyclare Memorial Park was used to shoot the PSNI car explosion, with locals even catching the dramatic filming in action back in 2020. 

Queen's University Belfast

Queen's university

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Queen's University Belfast was used in Bloodlands to shoot scenes for the university of Tom's daughter, Izzy, with the estate's Lanyon Building cropping up at multiple points throughout the series.  

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