When is the Love is Blind UK release date?

Here is everything you need to know about Netflix's brand new UK version of Love is Blind

Love is Blind UK release date
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Love is Blind UK has been announced, and we can't wait for it to begin airing - but how long will we have to wait?

We have adored the US versions of this show including, Love is Blind Season 3 and Love is Blind Season 4, so it was music to our ears when we discovered that this fantastic reality show would be crossing the pond! Filming has begun and the show is set to make its way to our screens with a whole host of new cast members from the UK! But when is the Love is Blind UK release date, and what do we know so far about the show?

Love is Blind UK

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When is the Love is Blind UK release date?

Officially, Netflix has not yet announced when the series will be released. However, in the announcement about the hosts of the show, it was revealed that the series would be 'Coming 2024'.

Based on previous seasons of the show the series might be released on the Thursday before Valentine's Day. This could mean the show is set to be released on Thursday, February 8, 2024. This was the format for the first two seasons of the original American version of the dating show.

Season 1 of the US show was released on Netflix on February 13, 2020, as part of a three-week event. Season 2 was released on February 11, season 3 was released on October 19, and season 4 was released on March 24, 2023.

Who are the hosts of Love is Blind UK?

Netflix announced on August 24, 2023 that presenter Emma Willis and her husband, former Busted frontman, Matt Willis, would be hosts of the show. The show announced on social media, "Introducing your hosts of Love Is Blind: UK…Welcome to the pods, Emma and Matt Willis!! ❤️"

The US hosts of the show are Vanessa and Nick Lachey, who are also a married couple who host the show and help to guide the contestants on their journey to the altar.

What's the aim of Love is Blind?

For those who don't know, the format of Love is Blind is pretty unique. The unconventional dating show sees people go on totally blind dates where they can't see the person they are dating and can only hear their voice. Based on what they learn about one another in the pods, the couples can decide whether they want to take things to the next level - and get engaged.

Only once they are engaged can the couples finally meet in real life and see if their physical connection matches their strong emotional bond developed in the Pods. They will then go on holiday, live together and work on their relationship - while being filmed - in the lead-up to their wedding day.

The couples will then wither day 'I do' or 'I don't' on the day of their nuptials! The show tests the theory about love being blind and whether long-lasting connections can be made without physical attributes getting in the way.

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