Love Is Blind season 3: Where are they now that the show is over?

Who is still together and who broke things off since Love is Blind season 3 ended

Love is Blind season 3 cast
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Love is Blind season 3 officially wrapped up in November of 2022, with a special cast reunion episode airing on Netflix in February. But where are all the contestants today? Who is still married and who broke things off?

Love is Blind season 3 started airing on Netflix on October 19, 2022, with a total of 30 contestants taking up residence inside the infamous pods, hoping to fall in love with someone without ever laying eyes on them.

Although some singles were able to find true (and, seemingly, everlasting!) love while on the program, others headed back home solo while a number of them have broken things off since their last public appearances.

Below, a breakdown: here is where the Love is Blind season 3 cast is now.


Alexa Alfia and Brennon Lemieux

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Alexa and Brennon famously got married in June of 2021 after meeting on the show - and they're still going strong! The two live in Texas together and are planning on having children soon.

"It's been absolutely amazing. I recommend marriage to everybody," Alexa said to Netflix’s own blog, Tudum, a while back. "Find your person, find your one. Don’t get married to just anybody."


Zanab Jaffrey and Cole Barnett

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As a refresher, although Cole proposed to Zanab at the end of the season, she refused to marry him and let him know that while at the altar. Brutal, indeed. 

The good news is that, now, the two seem to be in a good place - albeit separately.

Zanab moved in with her mom for a few days after the show and then embarked on the path of self-reflection through therapy. "I'm in the healthiest and happiest place I've ever been," she said to Tudum, also revealing she’s now single and still looking for love.

Cole has also moved on, specifically noting how filming the reunion gave him a sense of closure and, although he took a break from dating for a year, he's back on the market now but tries to stay away from "the apps."

"I’ve really started to create a margin in my life and space for me to think, read, journal, process and pray," the former contestant said to Tudum. "To not get myself so busy that I’m not bettering myself."


Raven Ross and Sikiru "SK" Alagbada

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This one’s a little confusing. 

Although the two hit it off on the show and Raven even accepted SK's marriage proposal on their wedding day, he eventually announced he didn't feel comfortable going through with the nuptials despite loving Raven. 

During the reunion, the two revealed that they rekindled their romance off camera and started dating once more. 

However, as they announced on Instagram a bit later, the couple split up once again and have now officially gone their "separate ways."


Nancy Rodriguez and Bartise Bowden

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We're not surprised to report that Nancy and Bartise are no longer together, considering all the disagreements and arguments they had while on the show. 

On their wedding day, however, Nancy had said yes to her partner while Bartise said no - leaving fans very sad about the state of the relationship.

"I was willing to give that man some grace to accept him for his flaws," Nancy said to Tudum after the season wrapped up. Officially "thriving" now, Nancy started working out, traveling and expanding her real estate portfolio.

Bartise, on the other hand, felt horrible after the show and even told Tudum that "post filming was tough. I didn't know how to process everything that happened. [...] I’m hoping that I can cope now after seeing what I look like and how I made Nancy feel."

Although still single, Bartise is dating again and even appeared on another Netflix slow, Perfect Match, where reality stars that have failed to successfully find a match before look for their soulmates.


Colleen Reed and Matt Bolton

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To the delight of all watchers, Colleen and Matt fell in love, got engaged and tied the knot while on the show. Although the two are still married today, they have actually not moved in together just yet because not financially able to do so.

The couple spends every day together but the way their leases lined up just didn't allow for them to live together just yet - that’s, however, all about to change, as they mentioned on the reunion episode. 

“I can’t wait to move in with him," Colleen said to Tudum. "I’m going to spend the rest of my life with him. I’m - we’re - content. We’re on the same page.”

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