Victoria Beckham reveals the most romantic thing David ever did for her - and we couldn’t be more jealous

David Beckham knows how to spoil his wife!

Victoria Beckham most romantic thing
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Just when you thought Victoria Beckham already has it all, she only goes and one ups herself with *the* most romantic story.

Her best looks over the years have cemented her status as a true style icon and her glowing skin (all down to a surprising snack) has kept her looking flawless as she’s built her fashion and business empire.

And now, she’s sharing a never-before-tale that proves her marriage to David Beckham really is swoon-worthy.

Posh and Becks have a special connection to Paris

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The Spice Girl turned designer shared details of a private, romantic vow renewal – which, it turns out, is the inspiration for her first ever fragrance.

Taking to her social media, the superstar mum-of-four revealed that her perfume, Suite 302, was inspired by her and David’s many sojourns to Paris.

In the clips on social media, she spoke about how she and David would flee London for trysts in the French capital. “This really, really takes me back,” she said in a video about her perfume. “I would almost say that this fragrance is a tribute to mine and David’s love affair with Paris.”

“In the 90s, we would often sneak away to Paris, just the two of us, we would stay at the Hotel Costes,” she revealed.

“I remember the heavy velvet drapes, the dark, sexy rooms, and how that smelled. It was quite heavy, but it was sexy.”

Earlier in their relationship, David and Victoria Beckham would whisk off to Paris

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All very chic, in classic Posh Spice fashion. But then Victoria really shared the good stuff, talking about David’s grand gesture that could have come right from a romcom.

Victoria said, “…when we lived in Spain, we dropped the kids off at school one morning, I was in a tracksuit… yeah, I was in a tracksuit!”

“David said to me, ‘I’m gonna take you somewhere for the day.’ So, we drive to the airport, we get on a private plane, halfway through the flight, David goes into the bathroom and he comes out in a tuxedo, looking so handsome. And he said, ‘There’s something for you to put on in the bathroom.’”

“I go into the bathroom and there was a white dress hanging up, so I put it on, I put some make-up on, I sit down in my seat, then the plane lands in London, I get off and there is the chauffeur driven car that drove us to our wedding all those years ago, the same car, the same driver.”

The famous couple then were driven to a chapel in North London, which David had “cover… with flowers.”

“My parents were there, his parents were there, and our sisters and my brother, and we had the vicar who married us remarry us. I genuinely had no idea. It was the most romantic thing that he’s ever done.”

Afterwards, they jetted off to Paris where they had a mini honeymoon for 24 hours in Suite 302.

Later, Victoria posted a picture to her Instagram Story of the dress that she wore for the surprise ceremony – a short, billowing Roberto Cavalli.

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