Victoria Beckham has a relatable embarrassing mom moment as Romeo begs her to change cheeky Instagram caption

Even fashion icon and Spice Girl Victoria Beckham is guilty of being an embarrassing mom

Victoria Beckham had an embarrassing mom moment as her son reacted to her latest social media post
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Most parents embarrass their children – and being Victoria Beckham apparently doesn’t even change that.

Despite being part of the Spice Girls, the biggest girl band in the world and the catalyst for 90s girl power, Victoria Beckham’s powers aren’t enough to prevent her children from being embarrassed by her.

First, there was the recent revelation that daughter Harper Seven was left unimpressed with Posh’s vintage outfit choices. 

In an interview with Vogue Australia, Victoria revealed that her daughter said to her,” ‘Mummy, I’ve seen some pictures of you when you were in the Spice Girls and your skirts were just unacceptable. They were just too short.'"

Now one of Harper’s older brothers, Romeo, has joined in with poking fun at his famous parents.

Victoria shared a hilarious video to Instagram on Friday night, showing hubby David Beckham clearly enjoying the summer festivities as he danced around in a garden.

David, who is seen in the video wearing breezy, silky looking trousers, decides to impress Victoria and their guests with his breakdancing talents.

From the looks of it, his best footwork is reserved for the football pitch.

Still, Victoria is clearly amused by her husband, heard on the video laughing and muttering “Oh my god.”

It’s Victoria’s caption which really spiced things up for fans on social media though – and mortified their son, Romeo.

Victoria captioned the funny video, “After 25 years, @DavidBeckham showed me his worm.”

The worm, of course, referring to the popular dance move. What else could it be referring to?

Well, the cheeky pun had fans cracking up.

Romeo Beckham was not so impressed with his mom's cheeky innuendo

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One wrote, “Love David’s worm!!!” and another cheekily added, “I’d imagined you’d seen it at least four times before…”

Romeo, however, was less impressed. He wrote, “hahahahah, mum, u gotta change that caption” followed up with a crying laughing face emoji.

While Romeo might have been left embarrassed by his parents, some fans couldn't help but be impressed by David's dancing. 

One commented, "Who would have thought he had moves like that... and your caption." 

Victoria Beckham also made her TikTok debut this month, suggesting that she has plenty more opportunities to embarrass Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and Harper in the near future.

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