This surprising Apple secret will change the way you watch movies and shows forever

Next time you’re watching a juicy whodunnit, have a look at what technology the characters are using. Trust us, it could answer a lot…

Apple has a secret that will change the way you watch TV and movies
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Apple has been one of the most innovative brands in the market for decades, and they’ve become an integral part of our everyday lives.

There’s a reason they were the first company to ever hit $3 trillion (that’s illions not with an M or a B, but a TR) on the stock market.

From wearable gadgets that help keep us healthy to smartphones that make staying on top of things easier, it’s not surprising to see people from all walks of life sporting one or more of their products.

But there’s one type of person you’ll never see using Apple products on screen. And once you learn this little secret, it’s not hyperbole to say that you’ll never watch TV or movies the same way again.

The Apple secret applies to movies like Knives Out, and it can be a real game-changer

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And that’s because, the one person you’ll never see using Apple products in TV or film is the baddie.

Various Reddit boards have long talked about the suspected rumors, that it was a practise of the corporation to expressly forbid their products to be used by unfavorable characters in popular culture. 

And that very rumor was seemingly confirmed to be true by someone with first-hand knowledge.

Rian Johnson – director of Netflix’s smash hit movies Knives Out and Glass Onion – let slip that his on-screen killers couldn’t use Apple products. Rian, who also produced the new hit TV show Poker Face, spoke to Vanity Fair back when Knives Out was first releasing.

In the interview, he reveals the genuinely mind-blowing fact about Apple’s restrictions on product placement, insinuating that letting the secret out could make him the number one enemy of anyone making a crime thriller or a whodunnit in the future.

He says in the video, “Apple… they let you use iPhones in movies but - and this is very pivotal if you’re ever watching a mystery movie - bad guys cannot have iPhones on camera.”

"Every single filmmaker that has a bad guy in their movie that's supposed to be a secret wants to murder me right now," he added, jokingly.

Apple have never commented on this well-known rumor themselves, but other sources have shed some light on it in the past.

MacRumors, for example, have noted that as part of their guidelines for using the company’s various trademarks and copyrights, Apple says its products should only be shown "in the best light, in a manner or context that reflects favorably on the Apple products and on Apple Inc.”

So, not being used by some dastardly villain or double crossing murderer.

With movies like Scream 6 and Jennifer Aniston’s Murder Mystery 2 coming out in 2023, this little nugget of wisdom could help viewers solve the crime.

The real question is, are you going to share this knowledge or pretend you solved the mystery with your own smarts?

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