This photo of Victoria Beckham waterskiing while on vacation with her family is so iconic

You might say she's turning into Sporty Spice

victoria beckham Victoria Beckham waterskiing
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While on vacation with her family, Victoria Beckham showed her sporty side by water-skiing while bonding with her kids, and we're totally obsessed with this pic of her rocking the water sport.

OK, we know Victoria Beckham is technically Posh Spice, but after seeing this picture of Victoria water-skiing, we're beginning to think that perhaps she should have been dubbed Sporty Spice instead. 

Currently, Victoria and her husband David Beckham are on a lakeside vacation in Canada with their daughter Harper and son Cruz - and it looks like they're having the time of their lives. Since being away, the family has been seen surfing and doing other water sports out on the gorgeous, crystal blue lakes of Canada, and we're pretty shocked and impressed to see Posh Spice take on some water sports of her own. 

Turns out, even Victoria herself was impressed by her newfound waterskiing abilities. 

"The most perfect few days in Muskoka with beautiful friends.

"(and yes that is me water skiing😂😂)," she captioned her Instagram post, which featured a carousel of images capturing all of her best memories from their vacation. 

While out on Lake Muskoka, Harper also tried wakeboarding for the first time, and Victoria shared an Instagram story showing how proud she was of her daughter for trying something new. David can also be seen surfing on the lake in a separate post on Victoria's Instagram, showing off that he not only is amazing on the field, but also in the water, apparently. 

In the comments on Victoria's post, fans couldn't help but sing their praises and share some observations from the collections of photos she shared from her trip. 

"Who looks this chic water skiing???" one fan commented, referencing the runway-ready face Victoria is making while she's on the water skiis. 

Another person echoed our sentiment, amazed by Victoria's water-skiing abilities. "Posh on skis?! IMPRESSED," they said. 

One fan who also happened to be vacationing in Muskoka commented, saying how they wish they would have kept an eye out for the Beckhams. "I was in Muskoka that weekend exactly on the same lake! If I knew I would pay more attention to other boaters," they commented. 

After a day full of fun water activities, Victoria also posted some sweet images of the family together at dinner, relaxing in the evening under the stars in Muskoka -and, of course, Victoria just looked chic as can be

"Family and friends in Muskoka! Kisses,happy summer from us all!! X," she captioned the sweet post.

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