Victoria Beckham didn’t cry when her son got married - but David Beckham did

Brooklyn Beckham revealed that his mother, Victoria Beckham, didn’t cry when he married Nicola Peltz in April earlier this year

Victoria Beckham didn’t cry when her son got married - but David Beckham did
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Brooklyn Beckham has revealed that while Victoria Beckham didn't cry when he married his girlfriend, Nicola, his father David was in floods of tears during the ceremony.

Brooklyn Beckham's wedding was one of the hottest events of the year and was attended by a number of A-list celebrities. In a video interview with Variety, Brooklyn Beckham spoke openly about this star-studded April wedding that saw the eldest of the Beckham children marry American actress, Nicola Peltz. 

When asked who cried more at his wedding, his mom or dad, Brooklyn replied, "I think my dad, my mom always keeps a straight face, but my dad cried quite a lot." 

This was probably unsurprising to fans of Victoria Beckham. Victoria Beckham's shimmering silver slip dress was the perfect mother of the bride wedding look and the star's make up was absolutely perfect for this gorgeous event. A fashionista as savvy as Posh Spice would not ruin her perfect look with tears! 

This remark about David Beckham crying at his wedding was just one of the many sweet and revealing comments made by Brooklyn during this interview about his adorable family dynamic. 

Brooklyn Beckham, Victoria Beckham and David Beckham attend the GQ Men Of The Year Awards 2019 at Tate Modern on September 03, 2019 in London, England.

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The star spoke about his parents and revealed that his mother Victoria was the stricter parent growing up. "She was a bit more strict with like school and stuff like that," said Brooklyn. He then explained that she may have been more strict, but he was a pretty well-behaved child. "I'd forget my homework and get in trouble, but other than that I was pretty good," he revealed.

In the interview, Brooklyn also revealed that when it comes to Spice Girls hits, he is a bigger fan of the hit song 'Wannabe' than 'Spice Up Your Life.' While on a recent holiday, Victoria Beckham returned to her Spice Girl roots with a rendition of one of her hit songs. Sadly the star opted to sing 'Stop' rather than her son's favorite Spice Girls track.

Although David Beckham may have been the one to embarrass his son by crying at his wedding, the singer has still had her fair share of embarrassing mom moments. Romeo Beckham begged Victoria to change her cheeky Instagram caption, as she made a cheeky sexual joke about her husband David Beckham.

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