The New Moon July 2023 in Cancer is pressing an emotional reset button on your life

The New Moon June 2023 changes everything – especially for these signs

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The New Moon July 2023 will see the Moon meet up with the Sun in Cancer to form an emotionally powerful and transformative lunation. What makes this New Moon so significant is that it forms a dramatic opposition to Pluto in Capricorn at this exact moment. 

In astrology, Pluto is associated with the rebirth cycle, along with themes of money, wealth, obsessions, sex, control, and power dynamics. That means you can expect the few days leading up to this date in the Moon Calendar 2023 and after to be emotionally charged at a minimum. 

While feelings of vulnerability may be easily awakened during this New Moon, during Cancer season 2023, the underlying blessing is the feeling of catharsis that can be just as easily accessed. You know the saying, "you need to feel it to heal it?" That’s what this New Moon offers us, a way to dig into Plutonian depths, confront our shadow, and purge patterns that no longer serve our highest and best. 

If all you can handle now is bringing awareness to these emotions, be proud of taking this very important first step. If you’re noticing that certain people, places, or power dynamics trigger certain deep-rooted feelings – positive or challenging – you can now start the process of integrating them constructively into this next chapter of your life.

When is the New Moon July 2023?

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On July 17, 2023, at 2:31 PM EST, the Moon meets up with the Sun in Cancer to form an emotionally powerful and transformative New Moon. 

Think of this New Moon as fertile ground for a clean slate and fresh start, a release from emotional baggage from the past. It’s quite understandable if you’re not feeling completely social during these few days as a Cancer New Moon always calls on us to nurture ourselves from the inside. If you feel the need to crawl into your proverbial shell, that’s OK. Caretaking and honoring your inner life can be richly rewarding at this time as it will allow you to see those benefits take shape in your outer world at the next Full Moon.

The difference between a New Moon and Full Moon is that New Moons are prime times for manifesting so mark your calendars for putting extra intention into making your wildest dreams come true.

For the most accurate reading of how the New Moon June 2023 will affect you depending on your zodiac sign, look at your sun or rising sign according to your astrology birth chart.

New Moon July 2023 horoscope

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With the New Moon July 2023 in your fourth house of home and family, you’re invited to reset your relationship with work-life balance. While the demands of your career can feel obsessive or unrelenting, this New Moon is a reminder of what you’re working for – and that it doesn’t have to come at the cost of your mental or emotional health. If you can, use this time to take a day off, plan a little getaway, or just allow yourself some downtime. You’ve more than earned it and you know what they say about all work and no play, Aries.


With the New Moon July 2023 in your third house of communication, you’re being invited to rethink a recent conversation – and reach out if you need to clarify your point of view or make amends for any hurt feelings. You may feel torn between expressing long-held convictions and dealing with hurt feelings. Examine if a need to be “right” is creating a rift in a close relationship – and what is worth it to you. Can you find a way to be true to yourself while still caring and respecting your differences with others, Taurus?


With this New Moon in your second house of income, you’re being invited to reset your relationship with your money. Can you use this planetary energy to rethink your budget – and invest your time and energy into paying down any debts and saving up for what you really want? The stars are aligning to help you imagine a life with more financial freedom and less worry and anxiety when it comes to spending. Think about what it will take to flip the switch from a scarcity mindset to an abundance one – and take those steps to secure your power, Gemini.


With this New Moon in your first house of identity, you’re getting the chance to reset your entire world – if you’re up for the task. While that may sound daunting, instead, look at it as an invitation to shift your focus away from what other people want or expect from you and instead, make this lunation all about you. It is your season after all, and while you’re not a sign that’s known for relishing the spotlight, remember that self-care is never selfish. You are just as worthy of the care and attention you bestow on others. Wave that magic wand on your own self – recognize and honor your needs, Cancer.


With the New Moon July 2023 in your twelfth house of the subconscious, you’re getting an opportunity to shift your focus back onto your personal growth. If you’ve been getting feedback from others that’s been causing discomfort, remember that rejection is redirection. Acknowledge where criticism is valid – and where it belongs to another person and their own projections. You’re being asked to bring awareness to these matters so you can know what’s yours – and what’s yours to solve and work through – and what you can’t fix or change about others however hard you try or wish you could, Leo.


With the New Moon July 2023 in your eleventh house of groups and networks, you’re being invited to reset your relationship with social media. After so many years of thumbs-upping, hearting, liking, swiping, and commenting, you might imagine that you’re indifferent to the effects that scrolling has on you. But this New Moon is a reminder that even passive action is still action. If you’re finding that you’re feeling more disconnected that longer you stay connected to your handheld devices, if you’re feeling lonelier than when you first signed on, you can set your own limits to protect your space, Virgo.


With this New Moon in your tenth house of career, it’s time to reset your focus on your dreams. Consider what is holding you back – what fears, doubts, or insecurities may be holding you back from living the life you truly desire. Can you recognize what, if any, dynamics make you feel powerless, have caused burnout, or have led to you feeling small or trapped? Now is the time when you get to break out of that cycle, even if it causes initial discomfort, to find something more aligned with your personal and emotional health and well-being. Embrace what comes your way, Libra.

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With this New Moon in your ninth house of adventure, you’re being gently pushed to reconsider your comfort zone – and what steps you’re willing to take to break out of it. If recent events have found you playing small or taking up less space, then this New Moon is your chance to live larger than present circumstances are currently allowing you to. Remember that your life is meant for living it to its fullest – and sometimes that means trying something different than you’ve done before. It’s never too late to live the life of your dreams – so start now, Scorpio.


With this New Moon in your eighth house of emotional bonds and entanglements, it’s time for you to reset any karmic cycles or relationships. What was the first thing – or who was the first person -- you thought of when you read that sentence? That’s where this New Moon is inviting you to reclaim your power and set things right. That could include some forgiveness, either with you asking for it or granting it to someone else. Remember that forgiveness is not about erasing the past, but not allowing it to negatively impact your future or hold you back from the connections you crave. It’s about release so you can fully and finally move forward, Sagittarius.


With this New Moon July 2023 in your seventh house of relationships, it’s time to hit the emotional reset button on the quality of your commitments – not necessarily the quantity. Recalibrating how you relate to people, especially the ones you’re partnered with in love or business, can sound overwhelming or intimidating, especially if we think we’ll be abandoned for stating our needs. But this New Moon is allowing you an opportunity to have an open-hearted conversation about what matters most to you – and in turn, what matters most to the future of your relationship. When both people feel like they’re seen, heard, and cared for, that’s when the real magic happens, Capricorn.


With this New Moon in your sixth house of health, you’re being asked to re-examine your schedule. This could be just the fresh start you’ve been looking for. Now is a great time to examine your daily commitments and notice where you experience anxiety or discomfort in your routine. Is it the daily onslaught of unnecessary meetings? A lunch spent catching up on emails instead of catching up with friends? A to-do list that seems to be never-ending? This Cancer New Moon is all about allowing you time and space to insert more care and comfort into your day – and your life. Scheduling time for self-care could be just what you need right now, Aquarius.


With this New Moon in your fifth house of romance, you’re getting a fresh start in your love life. During this lunation, you’re being invited to consider what makes you feel loved, what gives you comfort, and how you take pleasure in life, without shame or guilt. This is a fertile time for you – where you are being blessed with opportunities for divine inspiration that can be delivered via a viable new paramour, a burst of creativity and imagination, or a chance to do exactly whatever it is that you want to do. Indulge yourself and your senses. You’ve earned it, Pisces.

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