The Morning Show is coming back—here's what we learned from the trailer

What can we expect from Reese and Jennifer?

The Morning Show
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Fortunately for news junkies, The Morning Show is gearing up for its second season this fall. A new trailer for the Apple TV+ drama just dropped, and it's a window to the whirlwind of scandal and workplace turmoil the first season left behind. So, what do we know? 

When does The Morning Show return? 

The second season is set to premiere on Apple TV+ on September 17, so fans will need patience, a virtue journalists like the show's Alex and Bradley certainly don't possess. Have a look at what's in store for fans below...

In the first season, we were introduced to the cast and crew of The Morning Show, a New York City-based news program with a situation on their hands. Alex's (Jennifer Aniston) longtime cohost Mitch (Steve Carell) is fired after sexual misconduct allegations. Then, Bradley (Reese Witherspoon), a radical local reporter and the subject of a viral protest video, enters the picture. The two presenters and their co-workers deal with the fall-out, plot and face up to their choices, leading to a very emotional finale. 

We've waited two years, partly because of Covid delays, to find out what comes next. So, here are a few interesting points we've picked up from the season two teaser. 

Has Alex left The Morning Show for good?

Fans learn that Alex has parted ways with the network in the season 2 trailer. There are snippets of conversation about her quitting on air and a magazine cover showing her waving goodbye. In a conversation with a manager, she says "I don't want to—I'm not coming back."

What do Alex and Bradley know about Mitch's scandal?

In the first seconds of the clip, we hear Bradley say, "We should just tell the truth quickly—they're going to cut us off." 

Minutes later, the teaser concludes with Alex's tell-all interview with another journalist (Julianna Marguiles) who asks if all of the show's "important issues have been addressed," to Alex's visible discomfort.

It's also our first sighting of new cast member Julianna Marguiles, playing a senior anchor "an icon at a Diane Sawyer level," showrunner Kerry Ehrin told Variety. "We wanted to create a mentor figure for Bradley that was somebody who does things differently." 

She'll be joined by TV presenter Hasan Manhaj, playing a new addition to the news team. It will be Manhaj's first role in a drama. 

Is Mitch making an appearance?

It was uncertain if Steve Carell would return to the show as ousted presenter Mitch, but he's part of the trailer. "There will always be a part of me that wants to be liked. I never wanted to be this person," says Mitch. 

Perhaps he'll have a bigger role to play in the second season than fans and critics might've suspected.

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Will you be tuning in for season 2 of The Morning Show? Judging by the trailer it looks like we've got a lot to look forward to!

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