The Great British Bake Off Contestants 2023 - the full lineup and what you need to know about the amateur bakers

Here's everything you need to know about The Great British Bake Off Contestants of 2023

Bake Off contestants 2023
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The Great British Bake Off contestants of 2023 have been announced! Here's what you need to know about the new cast of season 14!

As the weather gets cooler and the summer comes to an end, it can only mean one thing - The Great British Bake Off is around the corner! Bake Off 2023 starts on Channel 4 at 8pm on Tuesday, September 26, 2023. Ahead of the show, all the new contestants have been announced. Here's everything you need to know about the new amateur bakers - we can't wait to see what they create over the next few weeks!

The Great British Bake Off contestants 2023

Abbi, 27

Bake Off

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A vegetable grower & delivery driver from Cumbria Abbi was born in Yorkshire and first learnt to bake with her mother when she was a teenager. She particularly loved Victorian-era bakes such as steamed pudding and fruitcakes and loves taking inspiration from the beautiful English countryside around her home.

Abbi loves the outdoors and often forages for seasonal ingredients, and grows her own veggies. Her bakes combine 'comfort and familiarity' with a strong nod towards nature and a feeling of something magical.

Amos, 43

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Amos is a Deli and Grocery Manager from North London. The amateur baker is a film and theatre enthusiast who loves theme parks and grew up in Nottingham. When growing up with his mum and sister he was inspired by his mother's baking - now it's a labour of love inspired by her. 

Amos's baking style tends to be colourful and chic with huge attention to detail. The baker enjoys exploring different flavours and compared his baking style to his converted church home, calling both his style and home ‘traditional with a modern twist’.

Cristy, 33

Bake off 2023

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Mum of four and PA from East London Cristy describes her baking style as 'enchanted and pretty' that conjures up a sense of childhood. Cristy's favourite thing to bake is cake and she loves using flavours from her Israeli heritage and her husband's Jamaican roots. Cristy loves decorating her bakes and always ensures that they are picture-perfect. 

The amateur baker loves outdoor adventures, letting her hair down with her friends, and has the surprising ability to solve a Rubik's cube in under four minutes!

Dan, 42

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Dan is a Civil engineering resource planner from Cheshire. The amateur baker first became interested in baking when he went travelling in 2007 around South America. Dan is a big fan of puddings and pies and has a penchant for patisserie. 

The baker owns more than 300 cookbooks and loves a hard challenge. When he’s not baking, he loves to play football with his two young sons, work out in the gym, or forage for edible treats in the countryside around his home.

Dana, 25

Bake Off

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Dana is a 25-year-old Database Administrator from Essex who first began baking at 16 when she identified a gap in her family’s traditional Indian culinary repertoire. Dana used to cook at her father's house and confessed to being an untidy baker who makes a mess while experimenting with her baking. 

Dana has a kitchen of her own now and her cockapoo Gracie loves cleaning up after any spillages! The amateur baker is the go-to chef in the family and always makes celebration cakes for family events. Her style is reportedly 'rustic and homely' but always visually pleasing with pretty piping. Dana likes to include a spice or two in her baking - paying tribute to her Indian heritage.

Josh, 27

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Josh is a chemist from Leicestershire and brings his scientific precision to his baking, always taking careful notes and using analytical techniques. Josh likes to give his traditional dishes a modern twist and loves to use seasonal fruits and vegetables that he grows in his kitchen garden.

When he's not baking, Josh enjoys playing rugby for his local team which he has played for for more than 15 years. Once a month the baker makes lots of snacks for his teammates, he one day dreams of having his own artisan bakery.

Keith, 60

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Keith is a 60-year-old Chartered accountant from Hampshire. Keith's mother is from Malta and made traditional Maltese dishes, apple pies, and fairy cakes for him as a young child. Keith has baked all of his life and enjoys making complex bakes and breads. 

His partner Sue loves waking up to the smell of a freshly baked loaf, and the pair live by the seaside with their poodle.

Matty, 28

Bake Off 2023

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Matty is a PE & science teacher from Cambridgeshire. He first began baking after his grandmother made him a teddy bear cake on his fourth birthday. He is now the family's designated baker and calls his style 'rustic but neat' and says that he loves traditional flavours such as chocolate, citrus, and nuts. 

Matty is soon set to take on his grandest and most important commission yet, baking his own wedding cake for his upcoming wedding to his fiancée, Lara!

Nicky, 52

Bake Off

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Nicky is a retired cabin crew member from the West Midlands. Nicky describes her baking as; ‘like a pair of comfy old slippers; little traditional bakes that evoke fond memories’.

She first learnt to love baking because of her grandmother with whom she decorated cakes and rolled out pastries. Nicky's favourite thing to bake is pastries but she loves making breads, and fun birthday cakes for her niece and grandchildren. In her free time Nicky loves to ski and volunteers at a pet therapy charity with her dog Bracken.

Rowan, 21

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An English Literature student from West Yorkshire Rowan's motto is 'Go big, or go home' and he applies this to all of his bakes. He loves to make 'Northern delicacies' such as scones, pork pies, shortbread and traditional jam tarts.

The amateur baker loves whipping up a cocktail and has a keen eye for creative decoration. He recently impressed his friends with his 21st birthday cake - an immaculately decorated, three-tier, 12-layer extravaganza.

Saku, 50

Bake Off

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Saku is a 50-year-old Intelligence analyst from Herefordshire. Saku was born in Sri Lanka and loves to include the traditional flavours and spices from her home country in her baking - particularly cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg in her sweeter bakes.

Saku didn't have an oven until she was 18 and only began baking in 2003 when she moved to the UK with her husband. Saku learned to love baking for her children, teaching herself how to create some of the snacks she saw in the supermarket for their packed lunches. The baker has her own vegetable patch and loves using her homegrown ingredients in her bakes.

Tasha, 27

Bake off 2023

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Tasha is a Participation officer from Bristol. She learned to love baking at secondary school during Food Technology lessons and was encouraged by her friends and family to develop this skill into a hobby. Tasha has a fearless approach to baking and loves to challenge herself to make impossibly creative designs.

In her free time, Tashsa loves travelling and adores visits to the theatre and West End shows. Tasha is Bake Off's first deaf contestant, and many members of the cast and crew learned some sign language in order to communicate with her.

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