The fascinating true story behind Bank of Dave and where is the real Dave Fishwick now?

Here is everything you need to know about the true story behind Netflix's latest semi-biographical comedy film, Bank of Dave

Bank of Dave
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Bank of Dave is Netflix's latest biographical comedy film based on a 'true-ish' story about the real-life Burnley businessman, Dave Fishwick, who tried to make a bank back in 2011.

The new movie, Bank of Dave, which starts Rory Kinnear, Joel Fry, and Phoebe Dynevor, is the latest heartwarming film to delight viewers on Netflix. Released on Monday, January 16, 2023, the film calls itself a' true-ish' story based on the creation of Burnley Savings and Loans Limited. But how much of the story is true, and what has happened to Dave Fishwick? Here is what you need to know...

Bank of Dave

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There are key storylines in the movie, Bank of Dave, that don't quite match up with real life. A key subplot of the movie focuses on Sir Charles Denbigh (Hugh Bonneville's) attempts to thwart Dave's plans by stopping him from ever getting a financial license by having him arrested for loan sharking. This is an imagined storyline and this could perhaps be an interpretation of how the elite working for the banks view the smaller and less sophisticated, Bank of Dave. 

Similarly, Def Leppard, did not actually appear at a fundraising concert to help the bank. As Dave Fishwick is a huge fan of the band, this imagined storyline was integrated to add drama to the film.

Is the Bank of Dave still trading?

Officially, the Bank of Dave does not actually exist. The bank is actually called Burnley Loans and Savings (BSAL), and it's not actually a bank. 

Dave is still trying to get the company approved as a bank, but it currently existed as a savings and loans company. The website reads, "Currently BSAL is applying to become a UK regulated bank; 'The Bank of Dave'; a bank for the community, run by the community, offering an expanded range of products to an expanded audience."

Bank of Dave

Dave Fishwick and Rory Kinnear

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Where is the real Dave Fishwick now?

Dave Fishwick (played by Rory Kinnear in the Netflix film) is currently still working at Burnley Loans and Savings (BSAL) and the company is still growing. Dave has continued to lobby parliament to make changes to the banking industry and educate people about ways to help their businesses and finances. 

Dave also worked with the producers at Netflix on this film and is very proud of the final product. "I wanted it to be real and Netflix said 'so do we'," he told BBC Breakfast (opens in new tab).

"It has just been bonkers, all of it, but it's so exciting that we have managed to bring it to Burnley," said Dave. He added that having a film made about his life was truly "another level" because "normally you're dead when a biopic is made about you but I'm alive!"

Who is Dave Fishwick's wife?

Bank of Dave

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Dave Fishwick's wife Nicola Fishwick is played by Jo Hartley in the show. Jo is best known for her work in In My Skin, After Life, This is England, and Eddie The Eagle.

Dave and Nicola have been married for nearly three decades and have two children named Sarah and Connor. Speaking to The Sun (opens in new tab), the real Dave spoke about his marriage to his scientist wife. "Marrying my wife was my best decision, without a shadow of a doubt. She was a bio scientist. I didn’t even know what one of them was when I met her," said Dave.

"She is far smarter than I will ever be. She is far too good for me. She came along to my little car garage on Scotland Road in Nelson and she had a great big diesel battery," he said reminiscing about their first meeting. "I got my jump leads on it and I could jump-start every single car with it. I thought, ‘That will do for me’."

When is Bank of Dave on Netflix?

Bank of Dave

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Bank of Dave launched on Netflix on Monday, January 16, 2023 and is currently available to view on the streaming platform. The film is 1 hour and 47 minutes long and is rated 12.

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