Ted Lasso season 2 recap - a swift run-through of what happened in our fave soccer show

Catch up on everything that happened on Ted Lasso season 2 now that season 3 is available for streaming

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Everyone’s favorite soccer show is officially back.

As Ted Lasso season 3 makes its debut on Apple TV+ today, fans are scrambling to remember exact plot lines that were explored throughout the first two seasons of the beloved show, which first premiered back in 2020.

After all, it’s been a while: although the series, now officially the most nominated first-season comedy in Emmy Award history, was renewed for a third season in October 2020, it took until this week for the episodes to actually be released because of reported production-related issues.


Ted Lasso stars Jason Sudeikis as an eponymous American college football coach who is surprisingly recruited to lead AFC Richmond, a fictional English Premier League soccer team owned by one Rebecca Welton (Hannah Waddingham). 

As fans of the show learn pretty quickly, Rebecca's decision to recruit Ted, who has no experience leading a soccer team, is actually a revenge plot aimed at her unfaithful ex-husband, the previous owner of the squad.

Ted, however, eventually wins over both Rebecca's respect and each player's devotion, proving that humor and charm go a long way. 

In addition to Jason and Hannah’s characters, the cast is rounded out by a slew of personalities that, throughout the years, have become emblematic of the spirit of the show in terms of comedic prowess, including Phil Dunster as Jamie Tartt, a self-centered soccer star; Jeremy Swift as Leslie Higgins, the hilarious Director of Football Operations; Brett Goldstein as Roy Kent, the team's hot-headed captain; Brendan Hunt as Coach Beard, Ted's assistant; and Juno Temple as Keeley Jones, a model turned team marketing and public relations manager.


A lot happened during Ted Lasso season 2. First of all, the coach's style is once again put into question as the team hires a sports psychologist, Dr. Sharon Fieldstone (Sarah Niles) to help with players' morale. So successful is she at easing the team's anxiety that Ted is thrown for a loop, debating his role within the confines of the business. 

Fans may also remember that Roy is no longer playing for FC Richmond, choosing instead to coach his niece's Under 9s team - until they lose the championship and his now-girlfriend Keeley suggests he apply for a job as an on-air expert at Sky Sports. He follows her advice but eventually realizes how much he misses actually playing soccer.

Jamie Tartt, played by Phil Dunster, also misses being on the field and - following a gig on a reality TV dating show - asks Ted to let him back on the team. Following a bit of drama during which many characters refuse to let Jamie back, Ted decides to let him join the team once more - an action that all the players feel betrayed by.

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Another major plot point of the season involves Dubai Air, the team's sponsor. After midfielder Sam Obisanya (Toheeb Jimoh) refuses to be part of a photo shoot for the corporation given its ties an oil company polluting Nigeria, his home country, Air Dubai pressures Rebecca to fire him - but she refuses to do so and the rest of the team joins in on that opposition.

Speaking of Rebecca and Sam: the two characters anonymously match on a dating app and meet up at a restaurant, surprising viewers who actually thought Rebecca and Ted were going to get together. 

Although Sam and Rebecca agree to embark on a "platonic" date, they end up spending the night together and actually become a couple until Rebecca's father passes away, at which point she decides to break things off with the player to avoid further heartbreak.

Throughout the season, Ted is also experiencing panic attacks that, fans eventually learn, are spurred by his relationship with his father. 

A journalist learns about the coach's state of mind and goes public with it, thanks an unlikely anonymous source: Nate. During the season finale, Rebecca's ex-husband Rupert (Anthony Head) reveals that he's ready to give her the remaining shares of the team. Turns out, that's not a simple act of kindness but a decision spurred by his having bought a competing team, West Ham United, and having hired Nate as part of his coaching staff.


While pondering over all the questions we need answering in Ted Lasso season 3, consider watching the 22 episodes that make up seasons 1 and 2 of the show.

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