Strictly Come Dancing's Rhys Stephenson reveals his dream outfit for the show

Strictly Come Dancing Rhys Stephenson says for him, it's all about one key look which he says, "commands respect"

Rhys Stephenson Strictly
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Strictly Come Dancing's Rhys Stephenson says he's been thinking a lot about what he'll wear when he takes to the dance floor. According to the CBBC presenter, his heart is already set on a piece of clothing usually reserved for superheroes—a cape!

Rhys is the fifth celeb to be added to the Strictly lineup 2021 and revealed his first choice fashion item while appearing on CBBC's news program Newsround. The star told fellow presenter Shanequa Paris the reasoning behind his sartorial desires.

"I want something with a cape, a cape commands respect," he said. Proving he's not a total diva he added shortly after, "I’m not bothered, just as long as it’s epic."

Rhys told Paris that he's, "shocked, elated and already impatient to start." As well as that he made sure he sent a message to all of his loyal CBBC fans, who might be worried he'll be off their screens completely over the next few months.

He said on his day job, "Yeah definitely, I’m still going to be a presence on the channel. I can’t just abandon CBBC like that."

If assuaging any potential concerns of his loyal fanbase wasn't kind enough, he also offered viewers a preview of his dancing ability. Shanequa challenged him to do as many different dance moves as he could and he managed a remarkable 11.

They included classic offerings like waltzing, ballet, the rumba. He also bust out a few more modern examples of how to boogie like flossing, the Soulja Boy and the running man.

Considering this little performance at such short notice, it looks like his fellow contestants might want to watch their backs!

So far it's been confirmed that Rhys will be dancing for his life against AJ Odudu, Robert Webb, Tom Fletcher, and John Whaite.

Although it's yet to be announced which professionals the stars will be paired with, what has been confirmed is that this season will see the first ever same-sex male couple on Strictly. 

John will take up the mantel and he says it's a, "great step forward in representation and inclusion.

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