Spring Equinox 2023 horoscope: As we move towards the light, some signs need to be cautious

Spring Equinox 2023 is all about balance, equality, and new beginnings -here's your horoscope and a ritual to help you through

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Spring Equinox 2023 is a day of balance. As the darkness of winter is left behind, and just before spring allows the light to take over, this is our moment to seize some stability and refocus our views on equality.

Just as the New Moon March 2023 offers us an opportunity for fresh starts and manifestation, this important moment in the astrology of 2023 says lets spring forward. 

The word equinox is made of the word ‘aequi’ meaning equal, and ‘nox’ which means night. They’re Latin words that are quite similar to the English we use nowadays. We have two of those equinoxes every year, in spring and in autumn, and they are the days when light and dark are equal. Equality and balance are central concepts to those days.

As we step away from the shadow part of the year, we will be looking boldly at the truths that we carry with us into the light.

What is Spring Equinox?

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Every day, since Winter Solstice 2022, the days have been getting longer and the nights have been getting shorter. On the Spring Equinox, light and dark are in perfect balance.

From now, the days will keep getting longer until the Summer Solstice, which is the longest day and the shortest night.

This is exactly six months before the Autumn Equinox, when the light and dark will be in perfect balance once again.

It’s a time for us to look within and see what we need to bring into balance. Are you working too much? Is the balance of give and take uneven in your relationship? Could you do with more exercise?

The time of the Equinox pushes you into balance, so take advantage of the changing seasons and seek to balance your own life.

When is Spring Equinox and what energy does it bring?

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Mark your diaries as Spring Equinox 2023 happens on March, 20 - the same day that the Sun moves from Pisces to Aries, as Pisces season 2023 shudders to a halt - making way for Aries season 2023.

This is also the birth of the astrological year. A day later, April 21, 2023, we experience the Aries New Moon as well. Since Aries is a fiery and optimistic sign, we’re bursting forth into spring, with full belief in our ability to manifest change.

Everything in the universe strives for balance, so creating and manifesting to encourage balance and equality shouldn't face resistance from the Universe.

Calling in balance on all fronts is always a great idea – harnessing the time of the Equinox to help, makes results come quickly and easily. We can call in balance in general, or balance within a specific aspect of our lives.

Word of warning for any magic and manifesting – beware, if you wish for something, you may just get it. So if you’re not quite ready for balance, you may not be prepared for the outcome. For example, if you love being the leader in your relationship, and your manifesting will create more of a sense of equality, you may find that you hate it!

If Full Moon rituals are your thing - maybe you might consider a Spring Equinox 2023 ritual to help manifest all the balance and equality your heart truly desires. 

Here's a list of what you need and how to perform your very own ritual. 

Spring Equinox ritual

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  1. What you need: Gather two candles and three ribbons or ropes – white, black and blue.
  2. Create your altar: Your altar will be just the two candles, representing the two halves of the year, the light half and the dark half. The light half will also hold all your light qualities, the aspects of yourself that you are proud of. The dark half will include your secrets and lies, the parts of your personality that you’re not in peace with. Around one of the candles, lay the white cord in a circle, to symbolize the light half of the year. Around the other candle, lay the black cord for the dark half. In between them, rest the blue cord to represent yourself.
  3. Set your intentions: Light both candles and sit and meditate for a while, call on the spirits of your ancestors to show you a vision of how your life would be when you’re in perfect balance.
  4. Release your intentions: Grab hold of all three cords, and braid them together, thus combining yourself with the light and the darkness within.
  5. Practice gratitude: Thank your ancestors and leave the candles somewhere safe to burn down fully.
  6. Remember your intentions: Keep the cord near your bed, so that your dreams could show you the way forward, to achieve balance.

Spring Equinox horoscope

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This is the moment that the year flips over. The Spring Equinox is the time of equal light and dark, so the dark part of the year is behind us, and the period of light is ahead of us.

Elements of our lives that were kept in the shadows for six months will now march right into the light, and any secrets and lies will be uncovered.

Here is what the Spring Equinox 2023 has in store for each astrological sign. 

Check your astrology birth chart for your sun sign, rising sign, or moon sign. Read all three to get the most complete reading.


Spring Equinox 2023 arrives hand in hand with the start of Aries season, followed, a day later, by the Aries full moon. The start of Aries season and the Aries New Moon both signify new beginnings for you, and the Equinox symbolizes balance.

Together, these powerful messages let you know, that the more you strive for equality in your life, the quicker things will jumpstart for you.

Your wishes will come true if you don’t push one way or another, but rather get in the flow and align yourself to the movements of everything around you.


Balance is a natural way of life for you. As you are ruled by gentle Venus, planet of love and the home, you are a pro at listening, organizing, and keeping things beautiful and elegant.

Spring Equinox 2023 is a time for arranging things ready for a spring clean, for seeing the balance in everything and it's your happiest time of year. Prepare for this spring by taking a big bag and filling it with everything you don’t need or love. There’s a little hoarder in you, so be tough, and say goodbye to anything that throws you off-balance.


During Spring Equinox 2023, the planet Mars is in Gemini.

This is a planet that takes no prisoners, it’s neither gentle nor balanced. So the time of the Spring Equinox for you this year, is a moment of striving for balance, doing your best and listening to your inner conversation.

It won’t be easy, but you can reach a balanced mindset if you pay attention to your higher self.


Balance is a state that you desire to accomplish, Cancer.

Even though you can be a bit extreme – you love hard and you prioritize the family above all else - those extremes aren’t how you view yourself. Your sense of self comes from giving, not taking, and that feels very balanced to you.

Right after the Equinox, which inspires you with its balance, you experience the new moon. As the Moon is your ruler, you feel refreshed and reborn. And four days later, fiery Mars goes into Cancer, which helps you charge forward bravely. So there’s a lot of upheavals, but it’s all in your favor.


The Equinoxes in the Spring and in the Autumn, just like the Solstices in the Summer and in the Winter, are Solar festivals. They are moments in the year that are ruled by the Sun.

Can you guess who else is ruled by the Sun? That’s right, Leo, you are ruled by the bright solar disk, meaning that any events that include the Sun, also include your star sign.

At the time of Spring Equinox 2023, all of nature reaches balance. Light and dark are exactly equal, and this gives you an opportunity to look into the way you run things in your heart. Do you try to hide your shadow self? Think about it, perhaps try some shadow work, and resolve to give the darkness a way to express itself.


You’re a sign that loves balance. Neat and tidy, you enjoy looking at the world and seeing how it can be made better. 

Autumn Equinox is the end of Virgo season, and so will be naturally close to your heart. But the Spring Equinox is important too. The Full Moon in Virgo is never too far from the Spring Equinox – in this case in 2023, it is a couple of weeks earlier. The March Full Moon 2023 takes place during Pisces season, and the Spring Equinox is at the end of Pisces season.

The Equinoxes feel a little personal to you, and you’re always ready for the lessons that they carry.


You’re the sign of the Scales, and balance is your middle name.

As such, the time of the Equinox is a natural and happy moment for you. Dark and light are equal, and this symbolizes everything you believe in. Night and day, masculine and feminine, introverted and extroverted, are as valuable as each other today.

As the new astrological year is reborn, sit down and write your manifesto. What would you like to improve? What would you want to bring into balance?


Your ruling planet Pluto is the ruler of death and rebirth, so you feel right at home standing between the light half of the year, and the shadow.

The changes that Pluto is going through are spectacular, as within a day of Spring Equinox 2023, Pluto will be entering Aquarius for the first time since 1778, which could herald a time of political unrest and even a revolution.

For you as a Scorpio, you’re not one to don your armor and charge forward, sword in hand. You’re measured and calm, so the season of balance will feel comforting to you.


You’re a free spirit and quite an extreme personality, so balance doesn’t come easy in your life.

The Sagittarian tendency would be to pick the loudest, funniest, or most colorful solution, whereas the Spring Equinox calls on you to take your time and pick the most balanced option.

Regardless, you have to be you, so do your thing but promise that you will think things through before you make a decision. Let balance show itself in your process of making decisions, even if the outcome isn’t very equinoxical.


Even though Spring Equinox 2023 is a time to achieve balance between light and dark, which can be quite a challenge, you’ll be breathing a sigh of relief just as spring starts.

On the day following the Equinox, the planet Pluto which rules endings and beginnings will be leaving your sign. Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008, causing global changes in a way that is very business-like and unemotional. All eyes have been on you, astrologically speaking, and you’ll feel a great sense of freedom when Pluto exits your sign and goes to Aquarius.


Just a day or two following the Spring Equinox, the planet Pluto enters your sign.

This is a significant transition, as Pluto, planet of death and rebirth, has not been in your sign since 1778, a time very very different to our own. So as the rest of the planet strives for balance, you’ll be doing your best to ensure that you can handle all the responsibility that Pluto bestows on you. Breathe deep, you can handle it.


Spring Equinox is the start of Aries season, which also means the end of Pisces season. 

For others, this is a time of stepping into the light, but for you, Pisces, this is a moment of contemplating hibernation. The shadow part of the year is comforting and natural for you, and the period of light is a bit more stressful and challenging. Those Aries energies can feel extreme in their brightness and honesty.

Take a few weeks to adjust, and let yourself honor your desire for peace and privacy. 

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