See Venus Williams clap back at a reporter following odd question about sibling rivalry

Venus Williams proves she's a star off the tennis court as well while giving a press conference with fellow player Jamie Murray

Serena WIlliams Venus Williams
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This year's mixed doubles competition at Wimbledon is heavy on the siblings: Venus Williams and Jamie Murray are partnered up and so are their respective sister and brother, Serena Williams and Andy Murray. 

During a press conference earlier this week, Venus, who relatively recently shared the unique full body treatment that she swears by, discussed the tournament alongside her partner Jamie and things got heated when a reporter asked a fairly odd question regarding the pairings. 

"Are you in it to win it or is it the first target to get past the third round where Serena and Andy became a cropper?," the reporter asked the duo after their first-round win against Michael Venus and Alicja Rosolska this weekend. 

"What kind of question is that?," 42-year-old Venus blatantly retorted while looking at her partner. "We're in it for a stroll. Like, come on." 

But, instead of admitting defeat, the reporter doubled down on his line of questioning. "Are you in it for the experience or are you going to go all the way?," he said. 

Venus then offered him a pretty epic response. "Are you going to write a good article or just a half way decent one?," she’s heard saying in the video of the exchange, which has now gone viral.  

Although Venus and Jamie will never get to actually face off their siblings in this year's tournament since they lost to Alicia Barnett and Jonny O'Mara in the next round, fans took to Instagram to praise the players on their comportment following the reporter's clearly ill-intentioned query. 

"Go Venus with the clap back answer...bloody cheek from the journalist with that question....who plays at Wimbledon just to coast.....really...," one user commented on Twitter.

"Game. Set. F*cking Match!," another wrote.

"Making the journalist feel as stupid as his question," yet another fan noted. "Need more of this."

Given Venus' Wimbledon track record (she's won five singles titles and six doubles ones with Serena), the public response to her "clap back" should come as no surprise: the woman is clearly a champion who knows what she’s doing on and off the court and should not be compared to her just-as-talented sister Serena. 

As her fans said on Twitter: game, set, match for Venus! 

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