Scour: Wordle 333 infuriates players, 'there goes my win streak'

The word 'scour' has stumped a number of Wordle players who were puzzled by this unfamiliar word and lost their winning streaks

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The word 'scour' has stumped a number of Wordle players who were unable to solve the most recent challenge, wordle 333 because of the unfamiliar nature of the word. 

While Wordle is known to try and throw off players and has often thrown curveballs such as the American slang word 'homer,' or the word 'zesty,' or the word 'askew,' but fans were particularly annoyed by Wordle 333 and many claimed that it was this uncommon word which ruined their success rate.

One of the many players who failed to solve the puzzle took to social media to say, "Wordle 333 X/6 Noooooooooooooo! There goes my win streak." 

"What a day; you are supposed to make me feel better Wordle 333 X/6" added another fan.

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Other players blamed their word to start Wordle. "Wordle 333 X/6* #HardModeOnly Yesterday's solution is my first word and the day before that etc., until a letter matches. The intent is to increase difficulty. So, mission accomplished today #PreviousSolutionGambit," said a player who failed to solve the Wordle.

Other players were more successful and took to Twitter to gloat. "Wordle 333 3/6 I finally beat my original 28 day streak! This was a pretty easy one," said one successful fan.

"Wordle 333 2/6 Lucky 2nd guess!" said another very fortunate player.

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Scour definition

So if you couldn't work out Wordle 333 you may still be wondering what 'scour' actually means. The word actually has two main meanings and the Cambridge dictionary defines scour as, "to remove dirt from something by rubbing it hard with something rough." This is the first definition where the word 'scourer' gets its name.


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The second definition is, "to search a place or thing very carefully in order to try to find something." Using this in a sentence you could say, "I scoured the shops to try and find a pineapple."

If you struggled to solve this Wordle and you are keen to improve your skills, there are a number of Wordle hacks and Wordle tricks, that you can try to help you improve your scores and maintain your winning streaks. 

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