Samantha Jones returns in 'And Just Like That' finale—but not in the way fans were hoping

Fans have been shocked by Samantha's unconventional And Just Like That return

Samantha Jones returns in And Just Like That finale
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Kim Cattrall's character Samantha Jones has returned to the Sex and the City spin-off, And Just Like That, in the final episode—but fans are disappointed by the final twist.

In the most recent episode of And Just Like That, Samantha Jones returned via text message, and an off-screen meet-up between Carrie and Samantha was confirmed. 

The episode focused heavily on Carrie trying to move on from her husband Big, who died in the first episode of the series after suffering from a heart attack while on a Peloton. In the episode, we watched as Carrie kissed her podcast producer, having launched her own show on his advice. 

The scene then shows a text message between Carrie and Samantha as Samantha asks, "How was it?" Carrie responds, "It wasn't Big," a reference to her late husband. In classic Samantha fashion, she responds with a lighthearted quip as she says, "So, it was small."

Fans were then delighted as the chatty messaging turned to planning as the pair decided to meet up. Carrie texted Samantha to say, "I'm in Paris, want to meet for a cocktail?" Much to fans' delight, Samantha responds, "How's tomorrow night?"

Why is Samantha not in the new Sex and the City reboot?

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Fans have been desperate for Samantha's character to return to the series and many have been shocked by the show's narrative around the series. 

In the series, Samantha had apparently moved to London and fallen out with Carrie about being her publicist. She subsequently cut off her friendships with the group and 'ghosted' them entirely.

Instead of Samantha making an appearance at Big's funeral, she just sent flowers. She then had a text-based relationship with Carrie about a diaphragm incident that took place years before. Fans were unimpressed with these plotlines and took to Twitter to share their annoyance.

"Put more respect on Samantha Jones. She was the most understanding friend in that group and would never go ghost like that. Lazy-ass writers. #AndJustLikeThat," said one disgruntled fan on Twitter.

"Getting very angry on behalf of Samantha Jones. That woman would NEVER have ghosted - even if hurt- her mates like they describe, nor not turned up at a funeral. #JustLikeThat," said another.

This final plotline seemed like redemption for Samantha's character and allowed the scriptwriters to reunite this character with her friends off-screen, without making Kim Cattrall participate in the show. 

The real reason why Samantha didn't return to And Just Like That was because of a major falling out with the other cast members, particularly Sarah Jessica Parker who plays Carrie Bradshaw.

Since refusing to reprise her role in the reboot, Kim Cattrall has thrown shade at 'trashy' Sex and the City reboot and made it clear that she has no plans to return to the series.

This final storyline seems to have set up Samantha's return perfectly to And Just Like That season 2 and although Kim is adamant she will not return, at least fans can sleep easy knowing that in the Sex and the City universe, Samantha is back sipping cocktails with Carrie and living it up in Europe.

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