Ruth Langsford reveals big hair transformation - as she shares how the menopause has damaged her locks

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Ruth Langsford revealed how she has tackled her troublesome mane, after revealing that the menopause has left her hair thinner than ever.

The mum-of-one took to social media over the weekend, to share that she had decided on tape extensions, to help tackle her thinning hair situation.

Loose Women presenter Ruth relied on an employee of her trusted Surrey hairdresser Leo Bancroft for the treatment, which involves tape being spun around the top of the extensions to keep them in place.

Explaining why she'd decided to thicken up her mane, Ruth explained, 'Menopause has made my hair a bit thin so we’re adding a few, fine extensions to thicken out the bottom #hairextensions #thickerhair'

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Ruth took her followers through the process on her Instagram account.

Eventually, she revealed the results in a video, debuting a far bouncier and thicker style than before. She also shared that the whole thing only took 'about 20 minutes'.

At the end, she said, "We've just put four in, two here [pointing to the left side of her head], and two here [pointing to the right], just to get a bit of thickness back, and it feels really nice!"

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Fans of the presenter's praised Ruth for speaking candidly about her problems with thinning hair, before saying how great her new look was.

One said, 'well done Ruth for sharing this problem..menopause is such taboo but there are lots of us women out there suffering In silence.'

And another wrote, 'They look fab Ruth thanks so much for sharing as I have never heard of these'.

Ruth Langsford

(Ruth with her new hair extensions)

A third follower also commented, 'Love how you are so real @ruthlangsford ... happily dealing with everyday issues .... By the way your hair always looks lovely 💁🏼♀️'.

It's not the first time Ruth Langsford has candidly discussed the difficult symptoms of the menopause with her fans.

Speaking to You magazine last year, she revealed that the signs of the menopause crept up on her - leaving her unable to sleep, and lacking energy.

She confessed, “Some women talk about it happening overnight but it crept up on me. I noticed my body changing, my waist going, my hair thinning and my skin on my face and neck getting less firm.

“A few years ago I stopped being able to sleep. I would wake up in the night boiling hot, I’d throw off the covers and then wake up freezing. It would happen so often that after a few months I was completely exhausted.

Ruth continued, “I felt I was losing my energy, losing a bit of who I was. But I am always pragmatic, so I made an appointment to see my GP.”

The This Morning star went on to take a course of bioidentical hormone therapy, which she claims have worked 'really well' for her.

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