Reese Witherspoon makes a promise we can get on board with as she promotes new Netflix romcom celebrating women over 40

We will hold you to this, Reese!

Reese Witherspoon has made a promise to never stop making romcoms
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“I don’t think I’ll ever stop making romantic comedies.”

Reese Witherspoon – Academy Award winner and celebrity favorite – made this promising declaration to Vanity Fair this week as she was busy promoting her newest Netflix project.

And those words will no doubt be music to the ears of many a romantic comedy fan around the globe.

Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher star in Netflix's new romcom, Your Place or Mine

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Reese, who has starred in some of the all-time classics like Sweet Home Alabama, Legally Blonde and Just Like Heaven, is making her triumphant return to the genre after six long years.

Reese’s last foray into the romance genre was with 2017’s Home Again.

But, luckily for fans, it wasn’t intentional that she stepped away from rom-coms for so long.

“Has it really been that long? I didn’t stop on purpose,” the Morning Show star told Vanity Fair.

“I don’t think I’ll ever stop making romantic comedies. They are very important to me. It’s my favorite genre because it makes people feel good.”

Another person who shares this sentiment is the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, who, along with Prince Harry, are thought to be entering the romantic-comedy arena too.

The rom-com genre is having something of a comeback all round. Last year, Julia Roberts returned to the fold alongside George Clooney for Ticket to Paradise.

Proving that there’s still a market for well-told love stories (and roles for women over a certain age), Ticket to Paradise earned a whopping $172 million at the box office, against a modest $60 million budget.

Jennifer Lopez has also been front and center in bringing back the romantic comedy, with hit movies including Marry Me and Shotgun Wedding shooting to the top of streaming charts around the world and scoring big at the box office.

Reese’s return to romcoms is with her latest Netflix project, Your Place or Mine.

Reese Witherspoon's new movie will be available to stream from February 10

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Dubbed a modern love story that flips classic romcom tropes by celebrating middle-aged relationships, Reese stars alongside Ashton Kutcher.

The pair play 40-somethings who are struggling to make their dreams happen as they continue dating in an environment not always welcoming to people over a certain age.

As lifelong friends, they are there for one another during the peaks and the pits and – who’d have seen this coming – maybe, just maybe, they realize they should be more than just friends…

About the movie, Reese said, “This one is even more special because we have different voices and different perspectives telling the story. Our movie is about a single mom in her 40s getting second chances and finding love. You often don’t see this in a romantic comedy.”

She continues, “Women in their 40s deserve stories too. It’s important to know that life doesn’t stop after 40.”

“My character has ambition and wants to really feel alive. You don’t have to be in your 20s to feel this.”

How to watch Your Place or Mine

Reese and Ashton’s new movie will be available to stream from February 10, a perfect Valentine’s Day date movie.

It will exclusively be streaming on Netflix.

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